Problem with Kraken Pro v2

Discussion in 'Audio' started by SandyTansolocoast518, Jul 14, 2018.


How many have experienced a problem with mic control of their Kraken Pro (Analog)

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  1. Not sure if this is with all of Razer's analog headsets or if it is just the Kraken Pro V2, but you need to get this right. Every single one of the sold is sold defective. There is a major problem with the splitter. I have gotten 3 of these from my local Best Buy in the past 2 days and every single one has the same problem. Audio from the speaker out/headphone port gets transferred through the Mic in port. Cannot tell what the problem is without tearing the cable open (wont do this because it would keep me from returning this piece of crap)..... but this is a serious problem in quality control, testing, and design. How can this be sold by the mass?
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  2. Predator5

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    Ummm... I'm not sure what exactly are you talking about.

    The headset has a combo 3.5mm jack (mic, audio left, audio right, ground), which you plug into the splitter, which has two non-combo 3.5mm jacks (mic, ground) and (audio left, audio right ground), which you plug into your PC's ports.

    So what you're saying is that you plug the splitter's green 3.5 jack into your PC's green port, and the signal gets into the headset's mic?
  3. Razer.Caziel

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    Yoh! Can you post a video detailing the issue so we can get a better understanding of the situation?
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