Razer Cortex | Livelock giveaway

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Deleted member 368765, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. D_m_n_K

    D_m_n_K New Member

    That looks promising! would love to be among the lucky ones
  2. x8oN3zX

    x8oN3zX New Member

    Good luck to everyone.
  3. ZerefGG

    ZerefGG New Member

    GL to me XD
  4. pizzaboy_

    pizzaboy_ New Member

    Thanks for the giveaway! :D
  5. Quailstick

    Quailstick Well-Known Member

    Interesting idea to go with 3 player instead of 4 for coop
  6. OverLoadedPvP

    OverLoadedPvP New Member

    Entering! Hope I win :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  7. AxelReshiram

    AxelReshiram New Member

    Yeay ! I hope to win this game ! THAKS RAZER !
  8. Striou

    Striou New Member

    A huge thank you for being awesome and so close with us, ''the devoted''.
  9. kingsuperheri

    kingsuperheri New Member

    I added the game to my wish list in Razer Cortex but I still don't have the 5 entries for it...
  10. GSfan

    GSfan New Member

    I'm never the lucky fella for the giveaways but every raffle is a chance so count me in!
  11. iubjaved

    iubjaved Active Member

    Participated. Thank you razer.

    You might wanna click on the " wishlist " link again, and it will get you verified . Then you will be able to see the five entry options.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 28, 2017
  12. Dabagassa

    Dabagassa Member

    Wow, look amazing

    Looking foward to it
  13. Caeaden

    Caeaden New Member

    I can never get these comps to work do all the tasks and get no entries lol, I must be doing something wrong? :frown_:
  14. kingsuperheri

    kingsuperheri New Member

    I get this when trying :

    Please download Razer Cortex and try again.

    But I already got Razer Cortex installed on my PC and on my Cellphone...
  15. pancholr

    pancholr Active Member

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Good luck to everyone.
  16. Edwinology

    Edwinology New Member

    I remember watching Funhaus play this some while ago, looked really fun so now I'm kinda excited for this giveaway!
  17. Mx-Mega

    Mx-Mega New Member

    OMG da graphics...

    Would certainly play if only my connection gets better
  18. gooodluck :D looks fun
  19. ImShadowFox

    ImShadowFox New Member

    Yey more giveaways! :D
  20. PUN88

    PUN88 New Member

    Thanks 4 giveaway, been interested in the game....
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