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  1. ShowPow

    ShowPow New Member

    Hello guys , im new my name is Ali , i bought my razer kraken chroma 7.1 and the sound is fantastic , the mic too but the logo of the left of the headset ( near the cable ) when i put white color do some noise if u go near it .... is normal becasue there is the mechanism or not? when i put dark colors ( purple , blue) do less , when i put white , if u go near u can hear "bzzzzzz" like this ... pls help i tryed to change port usb but is the same how to fix? have to change or is not dangerous? because all is good , the right logo where there isnt the cable dont do this !

    and last thing why when i run h1z1 the color go white alone?
  2. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Hey there and welcome to Insider.
    I'm sorry but Insider isn't a support forum, so please contact razer support about your problem. They will help you :)

    The white color while playing H1Z1 should be there, because of the Chroma support.
    So H1Z1 is able to set your Color individually.
    According to this site.
  3. Active13245

    Active13245 Active Member

    Yep Krakens 7.1 probably has some kind of transistor/coil. Mine does the same, especially with white/bright color just like you mentioned. There is nothing to fear, it seems normal ;)
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