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Razer Phone owners: What are your thoughts about it 3 months in?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by BoyJiro, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. XastielMuffinz

    XastielMuffinz New Member

    my only gripes with this phone is that its vibration motor is so freaking strong and it feels like something rattles inside everytime it vibrates. like theres something loose or broken. im not sure what it is. but pressing any navigarion key/ keyboard/ vibrate notification feels like the phone is friggin broken.

    i checked it with 2 other razer phones. theyre all the same.
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  2. ellectriknight

    ellectriknight Active Member

    Annoying quirks?
    • HDR is super slow, not as efficient (in both speed and quality) as the HTC U11, Nexus 5x and 6p, and Google Pixel Phones
    • The camera filter issue (randomly puts distorted filters on some photos while shooting)
    • Permanent zoom on front-facing and rear-facing cameras while in video mode (had this issue 3 times, had to send in my Razer phone two times for replacement already).
      • I also had this issue in photo capture mode too, in my 1st 2 Razer phones
    • The camera quality itself when not in perfect lighting. I have a $600 HTC U11, and to me, it does better at photo, video,and other areas for cheaper
    Different from other manistream phones I've owned?
    • The design.
      • Most phones are pretty similar in design to other competitors. Most also have rounded edges, the same aluminium build, etc. The Razer phone for one is rectangular. Additionally, the all black color scheme, is just sexy, very suave.
    • The feel
      • Can't remember the material it's made out of, I think it's metal. But the Razer phone, like the Nextbit Robin just feels amazing in the hands. This is the main reason I got it over other competitors like the LG V30. It's like once you have it in the hand, it's basically impossible to choose anything else over it. It makes you not even want to put a case over it
    • Dual-stereo front-facing speakers (with separate amps in both speakers)
      • It's definitely one of the loudest smartphone speakers I've heard, and I've owned many HTC's that were the kind in audio and front-facing stereo speakers.
    • The Nova Launcher Razer edition, with all Razer's settings and apps to tune your Razer phone experience fitting to yourself.
    Are people around you ever curious about the phone you own?
    • Yes. A guy waiting on his pizza inside of Domino's asking me what phone that was? And I told him the Razer phone, it's a phone that just came out, you may not know of it. He said he had. He figured that was it when he saw it, and asked about the phone's display.
    Would you recommend it to others, such as myself?
    • I feel like it's a work in progress. I feel like it's an amazing phone. It's a beautiful design, it has great audio reproduction, externally through the dual front-facing stereo speakers with Dolby ATMOS audio, to internal/externally through headphones with the THX Certified Audio DAC Dongle with Dolby ATMOS as well. If you have the Razer Hammerhead USB-C earphones, it's even better (as you only need one accessory to get that same great quality and it includes its own internal DAC). Battery life is great, get between 6-7 hours SOT with 90Hz refresh rate for the display.The camera quality and software definitely needs to be improved a lot, but I don't know how far that can improve that with the old Samsung Galaxy S7, Sony camera sensor. The display is beautiful, the software is fluid and fast. The phone is beautiful and very unique, and feels phenomenal in the hands. I feel like if they could improve the camera quality for all lighting conditions, and fix the camera quirks as I mentioned above, it would be a great phone to have.
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  3. SexGhost

    SexGhost New Member

    No they're not. There's no rattling in mine and the vibration is subtle.
  4. Rbdata

    Rbdata New Member

    Briefly, it's brilliant. The lucency is awesome. The speakers are quality sound. All my mates are curious about it. The touch screen is so precise it feels like it's adapting to my finger quirks. One major beef. Why is razerzone.com not only not optimized for the phone, the web dev team haven't even bothered to check it works. While loading multiple text and graphics items overlay, text is wider than the screen, input boxes are awry, etc.; and loading is sloooww. How'm I sposed to get the latest dirt on this groovy gadget when the mfer's site is such a hassle. Rant over. I would recommend it to anyone. Esp. at £595 for an unlocked handset (£100 cheaper than razerzone were selling it ... ). Rb
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  5. Steamfizz92

    Steamfizz92 New Member

    For anyone in the United States, what carrier do you use? Any word on if Verizon or AT&T will take it up?
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  6. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Member

    many people did talk about their phones impressions in an already existing thread in the mobile section.

    But for the sake of you getting a direct answer here are my comments :
    Exterior :
    - Shape :
    I love the brick format, was already attracted to it with my previous phone and despised all the iphone 6 & + shapes/designs that flooded the market thereafter.
    - Back :
    The logo on the back is neat, even if a chroma module would have been a killer ;)
    I don't like when camera lenses are not flush with back panel.​

    - Front :
    Nice screen surface and yes the bezel is usefull when playing games in landscape mode. However, the speaker grills are not a good idea as
    1. this is only an easthetic gimmick (the speaker is not that big when removing the grid),
    2. the grill get fill pretty quickly with dust and anything that can fill the holes. difficult to clean after. A longer glass surface even without tactile abilities would have been preferable with notches for speakers. (more like my previous Sony Z5)
    - Sides :
    The buttons are well placed and the fingerprint reader works like a charm.​

    Very satisfied with the overall exterior of the phone.
    I am however looking for nanocoating as it is not an IP5x/6x phone. A pity for such a beauty.
    Cameras seems OK, but that's most a software issue imho.

    Interior :
    - Inside :
    I have not opened it, but videos where made. Seems sturdy and efficient.
    - Vibrator :
    As many, the vibrator mechanism seems broken as long and big vibrations are loud like the thing is not even attach inside the phone​

    - Battery :
    The massive battery does its job well. In fact very well. When the phone cames out, i was worried about heating during games. But it's not heating. impressively becomes warm, but very comfortable.
    And it last a day of navigating, constant wifi/lte connection, multiple app background updates, chatting and obviously gaming sessions. I start my day a 7 am at 100% I finish my day at 12pm and I still have around 15-20% of battery.
    - Other :
    After some times, if i shake my phone, I hear something loose in it. This shouldn't be hapening...​

    Software :
    - Razer bloatware :
    In fact there is not, so very nice here
    - Nova launcher :
    Welcome touch and nice thinking. the customization of the home screen and others things is neat
    - Camera :
    Well... all have been said. This is terrible, especially coming from a Sony Z5. Like terrible. even after the update.​

    - Android Nougat vs Oreo :
    In 2018, the novelties gets more and more rare. So you don't notice any big differences. Not a problem here.​

    - Screen 120Hz:
    Maybe its me, but I don't see a real difference from my previous phone over the refresh speed. I may have to find other ways to tell me this is incredible indeed.​

    A very personal point of view : even if Project Linda become mainstream, you shouldn't hold buying the phone just for it. While this is a neat project, I fear that legal actions from Apple (who filled for a very similar patent years ago) will block the release of it. Moreover, the fact that protecting your phone through a skin (like me) or a case, will render impracticable the use of Project Linda as your phone size is different (skin) or you will have to remove/put back your case each time you plug it in. I would prefer to see a better integration of screencast options, so that you TV screen become your Project Linda.

    Note : I don't know the plans, but It would make a lot of sense for Razer to put their Cortex platform on the phone so that people can play and get zsilver coins. Would be the next logical step of integration within Razer ecosystem. At least, i would do it...

    Hope that helps.

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  7. Zeraxeskiller

    Zeraxeskiller New Member

    To say the least I have loved the razer phone, before I saw some other people unboxing it because I wanted badly to know how powerful it is. I also have been astonished by how fast its been charging.
  8. ellectriknight

    ellectriknight Active Member

    I definitely forgot to mention about the weight/feel in the hands, it feels phenomenal (if I didn't already say that).

    Vibrator is "weak af," as MKBHD said.

    The screen I really don't see a difference either. Mine is on 90Hz though, but still. Then again, I think it would be noticeable if there were 120fps video games (I did see the difference between 30fps and 60fps games such as One Piece Thousand Storm, when I changed the performance/graphic in the game's settings on my HTC U11), or video capture.
  9. Flipbug

    Flipbug New Member

    I'm getting one as soon as I can determine that the camera issues are sorted. A bad camera is a dealbreaker for me (which is why my current phone is currently awaiting replacement - its camera SUCKS).

    I want fast shutter speed, fast focusing, and decent contrast. I miss having the ability to just snap 2-3 photos in quick succession and have at least one of them be perfect.
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  10. ellectriknight

    ellectriknight Active Member


    Am I the only one that's having an issue with the video camera? @Flipbug

    It seems to really zoom in a whole lot by default. It's pretty much a permanent default zoom. It goes from being normal distance in photos, to being zoomed when switching to video. I feel like it's software, and that the writing of the software makes the phone automatically using the zoom camera for video. When you think about the camera app's UI, when you swipe to the right, it's for video. It's two dots. Just like the secondary camera, that's next to the standard camera lens.
  11. Flipbug

    Flipbug New Member

    I haven't had a chance to play with one, but what I'm reading a lot is that the camera is a big let-down, and is still not quite on par with competitor's offerings (even since the update).
  12. Pinkshot

    Pinkshot Member

    I wouldn't recommend getting the phone if a decent camera is what you're looking for in a smartphone and I'm not even asking to be on par with the Pixel, Note 8 or iPhone. The Razerphone's camera app is far from decent. It's total crap even after the last update. Doesn't even come close to some of the entry level phone cameras. I really doubt it'll get better soon. So, you might better off with other more capable brands instead of waiting to be disappointed.

    However, if you don't mind missing (quite) a few shots, blurred, inaccurate exposure and etc, it's really a great phone for movies, games, music and all the multimedia stuff.

    I think it's normal there will be a certain level of "zoom in" when switching from camera to video mode in terms of field of view. You won't get a wide angle view on video mode. The other phones are like that too.
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  13. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    Hands down, best phone I've ever used. It's fasts. Never skips a beat. I guess the annoying thing about it, is I'm not as fast. ;)
    I think it's very comparable to other phones, but the screen and sound and speed makes it above anything else you've used. It's like a super tiny laptop with gigantic speakers. I have to turn it down more often than not because it's too loud.
    Though expensive, this will last at least 5 years. So just consider it a new phone for 100 some dollars a year.
    Though I'm a huge fan, I'm not sure I would get the Linda. (Linda would have to be nice and cheap)
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  14. ellectriknight

    ellectriknight Active Member

    Yeah, I noticed that to a certain extent, but it zooms in a LOT. At 1st I just thought it did this for any camera (All camera apps, whether Razer's camera app or third-party apps), but when I do videos via Facebook messenger, it doesn't do the zoom.


    Facebook Messenger

    Razer Camera

    FJ Camera (Third-Party Camera app)
  15. BlueSoapxr

    BlueSoapxr New Member

    Amazing piece of hardware.
    Software is still crap.

    I'm an apple fanboy, yes. I own 9 generations of iPhones.
    No matter what kind of specs an android phone has, it will never be as smooth as an iPhone in terms of interface etc. The Razer Phone is the exception.

    Just an example, storage
    Android users always brag about expandable memory. It's not a valid point. I'd very much rather have a 256gb storage Razer Phone than a 16gb with micro sd card slot.

    I currently have a 200gb sd card but:

    I can't save all my apps to my sd card.
    It is a chore to save songs from spotify to my sd card. (https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=...YAhUMvI8KHZKYD1cQrQIIZygEMAs&biw=1918&bih=949)
    Even if you set your sd card as internal memory, the read/write speed will never be on par with full internal storage.

    I could go on about the Android vs iOS but you get the point.
    You guys at Razer already have an amazing product.
    It's time to take it to the next level.
    Create your own operating system.
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