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Razer sale 50% Off !! (30% for Blade)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LightLine, Jan 10, 2015.


What will you buy on 12-13 Jan?

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  1. r0ldy

    r0ldy New Member

    Missed out on a Razer Blade. Thinking of some headphones instead, my wallet is ok with this lol.
  2. puckmeharder

    puckmeharder New Member

    where do you get the code?1
  3. Tb311

    Tb311 New Member

    I'm wondering the same thing, I signed up and linked my ID but I never got a code.
  4. Whistler36

    Whistler36 New Member

    I registered yesterday and there was a 'get a code' link on the page but clicking it did nothing. Now I don't see the code and I got nothing in my email.
  5. cheeriooss

    cheeriooss New Member

  6. Turanic

    Turanic New Member

    I'd also love a code, is the sale over?
  7. KidQwik

    KidQwik New Member

    I didn't get a code either and have been an Insider for a while. What am I missing?
  8. Matthness

    Matthness New Member

    I'm going to buy a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Classic, wish i could before the end :)
  9. Ganfu

    Ganfu New Member

  10. Tb311

    Tb311 New Member

    Thanks got my code now! I guess I clicked on that link before the sale started yesterday and nothing showed up.
  11. KidQwik

    KidQwik New Member

    Got it now, ty!
  12. Last edited: Jan 13, 2015
  13. DarkRedcoveaero142

    DarkRedcoveaero142 New Member

  14. Bik13

    Bik13 New Member

  15. cheeriooss

    cheeriooss New Member

    whats the difference between the chroma stealth and the original chroma
  16. BVAhAVoK

    BVAhAVoK New Member

    stealth is quiet and 45g but for chroma only just clicky and 50g i think?
  17. AkumaKinG

    AkumaKinG Member

    I was looking forward to getting a blade during the Razer CES sale but I wasnt able to due to the mix up of codes...
  18. deft_calibur

    deft_calibur New Member

    Awesome! :D
  19. SimilarWalnut

    SimilarWalnut New Member

    I'm interested in this too. I recently bought 2 Blue Yetis and I much prefer the size of these Razer mics. While they do cost more they are 24bit. It also looks like the may fit a standard shock mount. Can anyone confirm this?
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