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Razer switches better than CMX-Blue?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by KeyTechTips, Jun 16, 2016.


Do you think that Razer switches are better? Why or why not?

  1. Cherry MX Blue are better

  2. Razer switches are better

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  1. KeyTalk

    KeyTalk New Member

    Ok. So I was just at a Best Buy the other day, and I saw the gaming stuff, so I decided to try out some of the stuff there. I went over to the Razer area and found the Blackwidow Chroma and the Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 (Ultimate 2016 with CMX-Blue) You've probably seen some fanboy rant about how CMX is superior to all other brands and maybe how gaming keyboards are overpriced. So I tried out the Blackwidow Chroma, and I immediatly noticed how springy, snappy, and clicky they were. Then I tried the Ultimate 2016 and they actually less snappy and a little mushier than the Razer switches. I want to know if you have had a similar experience, and if you think that Razer switches feel "cheap" then tell me why exactly.
  2. Cuttershy

    Cuttershy Active Member

    Ah this one has a poll. I was wondering why this post existed twice.
    But sorry I know nothing about switches, I would need to google as well.
  3. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    This may be of interest to you! Of course, keep in mind that this is posted on a Razer forum so bias is probably inevitable.
  4. VikariousOne

    VikariousOne Well-Known Member

    Dude Raijin always, I mean always has you covered. But this isn't so much about which is better, but more what you prefer. Personally, I think 90% of people wouldn't notice the difference but I think the actuation is a bit more crisp on the Razer switches. Some people prefer this and some people don't. I think the actuation (not sound) but the actuation itself is in between an MX Blue and MX Clear.
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  5. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    Well, in all fairness, CMX has been making switches for over 20 yrs. I believe they have better manufacturing processes, naturally. Razer is still new to the market, right after CMX patent expires, they design it with the green switches, yet, still did a okay job i feel in terms of consistency. Still has room for improvement :)
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