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Razer Tartarus Classic: Gimmicky or great?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Mrnofaceguy, Dec 26, 2015.

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  1. Mrnofaceguy

    Mrnofaceguy New Member

    So I got myself a Razer Tartarus Classic for Christmas and decided to post here my opinion about it.
    It comes on a mate black box with the three headed snake (a.k.a. Razer's logo) in shiny black, on the front it has the slogan and on the left the website's link, finally, on the back a sticker about Razer Sinapse. Inside is a letter congratulating you and talking about the Classic colection, under it a thick foam cover, under it the Tartarus itself, under it and the second foam layer is the manual and two Razer sickers.
    The keypad itself fells great, it has a rubberized surface that even when swetting is more likely to drag a mousemat under it than the device or nothing. Even if the key swiches are membrane they feel far superior than the ones on an Ozone's Bade keyboard, the blue backlight is really bright and has a strong colour.
    On gamming is just better than a keyboard, as is wont let your hand slip away nor get fatigued it as is supports it. The only down side is the diminuished amount of keys, but with sacifices and smart key binds you can play most games.
    So is it worth it for gamming? Yes, specially if you play for a lot of time in a row
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