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Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by mltan, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. Varazdinbmx

    Varazdinbmx Member

    i dont believe you
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  2. The_Icy1

    The_Icy1 New Member

    Heya CEO of awesome, How does it feel to be able to give back to the community from the ceo's perspective?
    It must feel great. I just got my 1st store bought Razer product and I may be a 31 year old gamer but this brought tears to my eyes, I woke up to the box hitting me in the head after my mom threw it at my vulnerable sleeping body. (I must note that they were tears of joy and laughter) You see my mother is a gamer too and she yelled "HEADSHOT!" after she smoked me. Being 31 and having just this headset means this much to me, I can only imagine the kids faces you light up on a daily basis... and now that's bringing tears to my eyes yet again. (might be the head trauma this time)
    AHEM, I guess what I'm saying is thank you for making a product worthy of a true gamer.
    P.S. The_Icy1
    Personal Note...
    My heart sinks that even when you try to do good in the world you find hate, no matter how much good you put in.... It feels defeating, now that said you must face this like a gamer. As gamers we get shot, stabbed, blown up, and basicly die... That's when we survive, kill, endure, trick shot, until we WIN, COME IN FIRST, AND PERSEVERE.
    Persevere to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.
    So please don't let trolls and haters ruin this program of yours, or that means they win because you gave up.
  3. AdrianRay

    AdrianRay New Member

    sad to hear...
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  4. Rumanii

    Rumanii Member

    Min the best way to bring back pay to play is if you just add advertisements on the page, we and you could benefit.
    on the other hand for them negative comments and childish behavior i suggest to just ignore them, because as i see it getting free stuff? and hating is just childish, that like giving vitamins to a baby and it just spits it out after one chew, does know how your benefiting it in anyway :)
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  5. kalibakou

    kalibakou New Member

    And how is it a problem for you? If he gets those items, it doesn't change anything to you as they are still available. The only one who can complain about cheaters is Razer CEO as he is rewarding them with free stuffs. But he didn't. He stopped the program because of the haters like you.
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  6. Mr.Ice

    Mr.Ice New Member

    Has there been any new developments with this program I for one miss it greatly and been patiently waiting to see if the continue or possible come up with the new program to launch.
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  7. westenn

    westenn New Member

    I don't see how people can be so unappreciative... Honestly, i thought the program ran well. Unfortunately, not all the games i played were voted in. Maybe what you can do instead is, Have the voted in games be able to earn more than the other games and the rest stay at the minimum 1 per minute. I swore thats what you guys ended up doing towards the end, but maybe i could be wrong, other than that it there's no real issue with the paid to play program
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  8. The_Icy1

    The_Icy1 New Member

    Knowing this now... I have to say I'm very sorry if my comment (as seen above) came off as for lack of better words distasteful, rude, shallow, or bad in anyway at all.
    I was just registering my product came across this and it brought tears to my eyes, philanthropy tends to pull at my heart strings, I really hope you find another way to exercise your right to help those deprived of what we may take for granted.
    My message is the same though... Please don't let anyone bring you down, you may feel like your efforts are in vain or even worthless. But when you feel this way, its best to change your perspective and look at the good you do, now I know efforts emotionally feel like 100 good comments of people thanking you in a community like this is equal to 1 half thought comment that they don't really care about.
    The easy solution is to say "hey look logically the numbers don't lie", sure that is one way of looking at it, but that is just not fair.
    If your willing to let the context of one bad thing get to you so easily, why can't you see the hundreds of good things get to you, just give the good comments a little more time...
    Throwing a rock off a cliff takes very little effort, but bringing that rock back up the cliff takes more effort but with a rock you don't feel accomplishment, because the rock won't say at the very least.... Thank you.
    So you maybe listening when we say thank you, but do you really hear us? Because if you can't then why are we even saying it? Please just... don't let them win.... at the very least, feel accomplishment for what you have done already (I may not have been apart of it in any sense of this) but I will say this...
    Thank you for giving back to the community and I'm going to send you a tweet saying so, and I suggest you guys do the same for helping those who are unfortunate.
    ( Here's the link so you guys have zero excuses ;) )
    The guy tried to do something good for us, lets thank him for it.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
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  9. KenTbk

    KenTbk New Member

    seems like they abusing it more than enjoying it. because of these they close down the program.
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  10. alex_kamio

    alex_kamio New Member

    Most recently, I saw a film in which I heard the phrase "the truth is not for sale," looking at this phrase from a different angle, one can understand that people use good and try to live on everything they can ..
    Once upon a time I learned about your program from the video and realized that there are still high-standing organizations in the world that have not lost everything, who have good intentions and since I, too, are good people (well, I grew up among good people ), I decided to support you and joined your community. Of course, a good environment as it is known now is not encouraged, because I could not afford the device, but with the p2p program I thought that at least something would change, but this idea did not last long.
    Thanks for the opportunity to get another way that not everyone can buy.
    I apologize if you do not understand everything, my English is not very good, since I am from Belarus
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  11. westenn

    westenn New Member

    I wish it would come back, i'm honestly having such a hard time reaching 110,000 just for the Razer base station Chroma... I log on everyday to get my 40 from cortex and try to be on the forums as much as i can. I've been a loyal fan of razer since around 2007 when i first got my Razer Lachesis and Razer Lycosa. There has to be a way to get this back up and running for loyal fans.
  12. Hasen123

    Hasen123 New Member

    Yeah definitely!
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  13. TematoFlavored

    TematoFlavored New Member

    I definitely don't think you should shut it down. What you said about giving back to the community is really nice and the people who save up for so long to get one of your AMAZING products must appreciate the brand and quality enough to deserve a gift from Razer. I hope that sentence made sense. I also think this increases sales for other companies who sell cortex-supported games. Maybe little Timmy didn't want to buy a fun game because it was 40$, but when he learned he could save 40$ and more on his dream keyboard, he bought it, and had lots of fun gaming his heart away. Later, he redeemed zSilver and had even more fun gaming on a super fine Razer keyboard. Don't shut down paid to play. Save all the little Timmys in the world.
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  14. RoxyDzey

    RoxyDzey New Member

    thats a very big shame it ended, sounds such a good idea. probably there were a lot of spammers who wanted to make a lot of sZilver so they were just voting nonsense..
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  15. blazeykitty03

    blazeykitty03 Member

    aww man, im sad to hear this lately that Paid to Play is suspended. Is there any other way to get zsilver faster and bigger?
  16. blazeykitty03

    blazeykitty03 Member

    i agree
  17. blazeykitty03

    blazeykitty03 Member

    sorry if this is a repeated question from concerning Razer customers but when is Paid to Play be out of suspension?
  18. AmazingSpanoMan

    AmazingSpanoMan Active Member

    I was sad to see this go. As a father and teacher I never had tons of time to play games so I never accrued a crazy amount of Z Silver but it was a cool concept and I, at least, felt rewarded when I was able to play, with the thought that I may at some point be able to get something for free after a while.
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  19. pyroantimonicentity

    pyroantimonicentity New Member

    Can you make the daily zSilver amount a little bit higher. Like, from day 7 and up; can you please let it go increasing?
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  20. ashbone

    ashbone New Member

    Im a gamer who love Razer product but im still a student so im poor but seem like the paid to play program is over its time for me to save money from allowance to buy razer product
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