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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Mapsle, May 4, 2015.

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  1. Link197

    Link197 Member

    Wow i got hit with some no good nostalgia seeing those game boy images, especially that light lmao
  2. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Hey @Lafar anything interesting come of your form?
  3. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Only four responses, but based off of those four:

    • Saturday
      • 23:00 - 24:00
    • Sunday
      • 00:00 - 05:00
    • Saturday
      • 18:00 - 19:00
    • Sunday
      • 19:00 - 24:00
  4. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    ah, well thats a bit underwhelming, lol, but nonetheless we should try and organize some game time for those of us that are active in the next couple weeks or so
  5. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    haven't seen you and @Miya in LoL for the past few months.
    BTW I am practicing Thresh now by supporting my friend ;) The only role I cant do is ADC.. lol
    Destrok likes this.
  6. Gr8orangeone

    Gr8orangeone Active Member

    sounds good to me
  7. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I do rarely play leauge, in the event I get down time I have been playing shooters alot lately. I pretty much just play league for the sake of others. Do have Miya add me though.
  8. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    Never had one, my parents thought it was too expensive for me to have at that age.
    But luckily they got me the first Nintendo DS with Mario Kart on my birthday, i remember playing that game for days and never getting tired of it :)
  9. never had such a thing at that age unfortunately :c
    first thing i got was a psp at the age of 11 and played only tekken 5 on it. never got tired of it and still playing it daily :D
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