The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. JLP209

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    An MS store near me did it no problem, hopefully yours will as well.

    I just tried calling again. Billing support is handled via email only; order support / tech support can be handled over the phone. This is what I was just told. I'm sure there is a reason for this, because they take forever to refund and don't want people calling all the time. So backwards...normally this lack of support is a recipe for failure for any company. May be only a matter of time once more people realize...

    Edit- I just got the standard email that "my case is being looked into" but it is for the 2nd defective unit that was more recently returned, not the original one that I called about. So I'm sure I'll get an unhelpful response since this 2nd RMA was just recently received telling me "18 business days..." Unreal.
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  2. Joikansai

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    Don't know that, but I was waiting for my refund once, I just called them (thanks Razer EU headquarter is in Germany) and asked it, and they said the PIC (my CS staff) was on vacation, then Staff here in Germany took care of it, and same day I got refund, but that was as a gift voucher.

    Did you not rise new ticket for different machine? It probably made they confused.
  3. CinaMaze

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    Can you overclock it?
  4. fer.geraci

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    hey folks i am here at the MS store and they are telling me they dont do protection for stuff bought on amazon. do you have an SKU number of the protection plan? @JLP209 @Firebat246
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  5. Firebat246

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    You definitely will need to get that from @JLP209 as he is the one that actually got it. I have yet to bring mine to the store. Hopefully Friday but I am going to call them again.
  6. Hxshbrrxwn

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    damnn I'm going to high school next year, so I might get this beast
  7. FearLezZ1990

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    The CPU? The Intel XTU programm doesn´t offer any overclocking feature but you can easily undervolt it. I don´t know why you would overclock it since it´s already pretty fast and has enough power for anything.
  8. JLP209

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    Anyone break the 10,000 barrier in Firestrike? Closest I can get is 9964. This is with a +200 core offset on the GPU. Crash at +225. OC'ing the memory does little in my tests, better results just OC'ing the core.
  9. vistar

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    @Firebat246 did on his first one.....I think.
    After Razer releases a Bios update, most likely it will perform a bit better like it does on the skylake now with the new bios. I am getting over 10100 after the bios update and OC of +175.
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  10. JLP209

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    Awesome! I always seem to get lower benchmark scores than most for one reason or another. Your GPU is killing mine in the benchmark, by 500 points.
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  11. Hxshbrrxwn

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  12. ooldos67

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    Just got my Blade, looks freakin gorgeous. No dead pixels, no back light bleed. Absolutely stoked with it.

    I feel like amazon is the way to go...even though I had to order the laptop 3 times before they finally sent it. From what I've read in this thread, most of the people having problems are the ones who bought through Razer store.
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  13. JLP209

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    I take back what I said about memory OC not making a difference. Apparently I wasn't pushing it enough. I did a GPU OC of +200/+400 and got 10,110 a bit ago.
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  14. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    And Microsoft, First Strike on my end.
  15. misterbaks

    misterbaks New Member

    2 strikes for Microsoft from me.

    So, @fer.geraci & @ooldos67 both got theirs from Amazon w/o bleeds. An Amazon representative did tell me they are going to check on their stock because of the massive returns to determine if it's going to stay. Maybe they did some QC?

    Good thing refunds get processed fast except Razer's or else I'll be broke.

    I'm going to try Amazon again. Pray for me. I'm getting tired and frustrated.
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  16. MrPonyy

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    Maybe one day i got so much money for buy something like this, i love this chroma :3
  17. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    Microsoft said that they QC their units before they're shipped. I know for a fact that my Unit from 2015 was QC'd, but this 2017 was skipped because the box was completely sealed, unlike the 2015. I'm thinking on asking MS to QC my unit before its shipped.
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  18. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Did you get your replacement? @Firebat246

    Good luck. Yes the second one I got from amazon is really good. No bleed, no fans noise, no nothing.

    The highest I overclocked so far is 125+ on the clock. I haven't tried 175... I can play any game with 100, so I figure going higher might not result in a terrible increase. Nice to know it can be pushed that much though.
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  19. misterbaks

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    Already asked them. Per the representative I was talking to, unless it says Signature Edition, it does not go through their QC. I also asked if they can inspect before shipping and said their warehouse people are not allowed to open and inspect. That's their answer to me, at least.
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  20. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    That makes a lot of sense. Thanks!