[Tweak] Optimizing Razer Blade's fans

Discussion in 'Systems' started by rickyipcw, Mar 9, 2017.

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  1. rickyipcw

    rickyipcw New Member

    This tweak is experimental and might be unstable.
    It is for those who can't wait for Razer to fix the fans with BIOS update.


    1. Prolong Blade battery life (to around 5 hours, if nothing else works), by tuning down the fans during light tasks.
    2. Provide quiet laptop operation during light tasks.

    What you need: (I assume you are using Windows)

    1. NoteBook FanControl, by hirschmann.
    Download NBFC for Windows: GitHub (https://github.com/hirschmann/nbfc/releases)

    2. Custom NBFC config profile for Blade 2016 (2017 refresh should work too)
    Download custom fan profile (Razer Blade 2016.xml): http://viid.me/qn8DOJ

    3. Patience and tolerance for bugs and errors, as nothing can be guaranteed.

    Possible glitches:

    1. NBFC might temporarily make Windows think that the battery was detached or running low, and thus trigger battery saving actions, such as "Sleep", "Hibernate" or "Shutdown". It happens wither plugged in or on battery.
    2. Fan speed reading might not be up-to-date or accurate.
    3. 3DMark might somehow think you have G-Sync enabled, which is impossible.

    Warning: You are responsible for your own machine. I cannot bear any responsibility if the following modification to your Blade causes you any kind of property damage or loss.

    Let's start tweaking:

    1. Set fan control of all profiles in "Razer Synapse>Power" to "Quite mode".

    2. Install NBFC.

    3. Suppose you have not changed the default install path of NBFC, copy downloaded "Razer Blade 2016.xml" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\NoteBook FanControl\Configs", all without the quotes.

    4. Start NBFC.

    5. In the settings menu of NBFC , enable "Start with Windows" and "Close to tray".

    6. Select config in the dropdown menu, choose "Razer Blade 2016". Make sure to "Enable" NBFC service.

    7. Ensure that "Fan 1" speed slide is at the rightmost position (Auto).

    8. Restart your Blade. The fans should be under control within few minutes.

    I stress tested my Blade to make sure it would be properly cooled.

    Machine: The New Razer Blade 2016 (GTX1060) FHD non-touch.
    Method: Running Hitman Pro for half an hour, at Nvidia recommended settings.
    Statistics are from MSI Afterburner. I also overclocked my Blade by a little bit.
    It had been stable throughout the game. The drops in clock speed were when pausing and closing the game.

    2017-03-09 01_24-MSI Afterburner.jpg

    I had used it on battery for about 3 hours on light tasks, then still got over 50% charge. Fans were dead silent. No issues encountered.

    Side notes:
    If your system is put to sleep due to the bug, after waking it up, NBFC might no longer be able to lower the fan speed below stock "Quiet" level. You need to restart your system to make NBFC useful again. However, normal user/system-initiated sleeping/hibernating will not affect NBFC.

    I would also recommend installing BatteryBar (free) to monitor power usage. For a 5-hour battery life, the discharge rate should be around or below 10,000 mW. "Battery saver" feature on Windows 10 is not necessary.
    Link: https://batterybarpro.com/

    1. It does not seem to work:
    Make sure you have enabled NBFC in the program, and selected the proper profile. Try go to Task Manager > Startup, disable then enable "NoteBook FanControl Client" again. Restart Blade.

    2. My Blade suddenly goes to sleep or hibernate even when there is sufficient battery power or while charging:
    It is still an unknown bug. Power up your blade as usual, then disable NBFC service. Wait until a solution is found, or try tweaking the profile on your own. You are very welcomed to share any findings.
    [Update]: To avoid system being put to sleep due to the bug, go to Power Options, and change the action of battery at "Critical level" while plugged in to "Do nothing".

    Please refer this post to others if you wanna share it. Give credit where credit is due.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2017
  2. Cliche_au

    Cliche_au New Member

    Nice guide.

    I see you mentioned you overclocked you blade, was that just the GPU or CPU?

    Would a CPU undervolt also help if anyone is worried about the lower fan speed/heat relationship during normal usage? and have you tested an undervolt?
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  3. rickyipcw

    rickyipcw New Member

    That was just the GPU overclocked. It does Fire Strike 9600+. Details below:
    2017-03-10 12_33-MSI Afterburner.jpg

    I haven't tried undervolting the CPU, but lower fan speed should not lead to overheating. The fans will kick in when CPU is 60C+, and won't stop until it drops below 58C again. Such is actually similar to the built-in fan profile on the 7th Gen i7 Blade. So latest Blade owners might not need this tweak.
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  4. rickyipcw

    rickyipcw New Member

    [Update 2]
    How to uninstall NBFC:
    In NBFC, disable the service. Go to system tray, right click on NBFC's icon and quit it.
    Uninstall NBFC in control panel like any other software.
    Restart system.
    If the fans still not behave like default, do the following:
    Ensure no program is running, and you have every work saved if there's any.
    Press and hold power button for 6 seconds, until the whole system is forced to shutdown.
    Everything NBFC changed should now be reset.
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  5. Deertodaybest610

    Deertodaybest610 New Member

    Has somebody actually tried that with the 2017 Kaby Lake Version? I'm not sure that it will work since the fan control got changed quite a bit(thats what reviewer say).
    I installed it and enabled the profile but i cant see or hear any change..
  6. rickyipcw

    rickyipcw New Member

    If you followed the steps but it made no difference, then most probably Razer changed some configuration with the fan control. There is a way to test for correct "registers" for NBFC, but I don't have a 2017 Blade. Sorry there is not much I can do here at the moment.
  7. Need blade in my country :slightly_sad:
  8. rickyipcw

    rickyipcw New Member

    [Update 3]
    Razer actually released firmware update for some of the models to reduce fan noice. Please go to http://www.razersupport.com/gaming-systems/razer-blade-v5/
    for details.

    Update on step 5:
    NBFC uses a background service to control the fans. It runs automatically when you log into Windows. So you don't have to enable "Start with Windows" for it to work. Also, closing NBFC UI will not stop NBFC.

    If you want it to stop functioning, go to Task Manager>Services, and stop NBFC service. You might also want to go to Service Manager (right click on a service, and click "Open Service") to stop NBFC from automatically starting itself.
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