Very Unhappy with Black Window v2 Chroma Keyboard

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by fastLaurelGreenpoint839, Jul 20, 2018.


¿ Must Razer Keyboards show iluminated all characters in keys ?

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  1. I´m really unhappy with the last product from razer, keyboard black widow v2 keyboard, and also i try understad how it´s possibe this company do this the customers

    Really incredible, the light from backlite from each cherry switch don´t iluminate all characters inside key, for example if you have Key with other symbol @ " $ ~, etc, you can´t see this symbols and also can´t make well your job, only if you remember position of this characters you can do this and not wrong when push over key, because it´s impossible see, for see you need other light with more power over the keyboard, really ridiculous

    The real problem it´s the keys, only have lit one part of key, and by this show the light under from switch, but other letters not iluminated never because the key no have transparency in these areas

    The question it´s how it´s possible have these expensives keyboards and you need other light for see the letters inside the key, with chroma keyboards all characters show in each key without any problem

    Obviously i return my keyboard and show my unhappy experience at this point, and sure never buy other time one product from razer with this problem, big problem with this company and his products, because the same happend with the most expensive keyboards, how it´s possible keyboard with value of more 300 dollars, not iluminated all key ? WTF

    Really unhappy with this problem, because for many people, developers ,etv not only gaming it´s necessary see all this characters in the keyboard, and if you have backlite keyboard you want iluminated all keys and all characters, the actual problem it´s ridiculous and no have sense and also i don´t understand how it´s possible this big problem never tell in many boards and in many youtube channels because it´s gross this problem, but the money for don´t show the real things it´s the most improtant, true no right ?

    And the problem it´s not light swicht in the top , the problem it´s the plastic key no have transparency for that character, because if you put off this key and put hard light under continue not iluminated the special characters inside key, the problem it´s with keys, because special characters paintend over the key, this it´s the most incredible ridoculous thing i see in all my life

    Really razer must think about this, because not sense this problem, and it´s really ridiculous

    Thank´s regards
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  2. Jamzieth

    Jamzieth New Member

    Whilst it would be nice to have all characters lit on the Razer Blackwiddow (and i'm sure many people want this), your description that it makes it impossible to use is a bit ludicrous.

    My first question would be, do you work in the dark? If so, i'm sure you need to address this with additional lighting as that doesn't sound like an ideal working environment.

    Whilst gaming in the dark, which is something I do very regularly, the back light hits the exact key you need so there really isn't a problem here.

    Whilst i'm sure you where unhappy with the design choice, taking it back as not fit for purpose is extreme. What this really comes down to, before you make a purchase then type some long winded essay about your mistake, is to do your research first. I've been using Blackwiddow keyboards since the first one was ever released and the secondry letters have nevcer been lit. A quick review video would have told you that.
  3. howewer this its ridiculous for you, but for people works with project developers etc need special characters, and if buy backlite keybiard its for see all keys with light and not use external light, that its ridiculous

    if you spend many money in keyboard no for this, when all keyboards illuminate all characters, as corsair, etc, ridiculous your comment for tell other people what need for his job or no, or tell ridiculous thing as use othwr light or tell me no good i works in the dark when its impossible see nothing, you need many light for see all characters

    And never speak about design, only about light
  4. Jamzieth

    Jamzieth New Member

    The character keys are white on a black background, If you are in a well-lit room then surely you should have no issues. I use my keyboard, as do many of my colleagues, for extensive coding and development projects and none of them have reported this to be an issue.

    I agree with you that I would prefer to have all the symbols backlit but your reaction is OTT.
  5. My reaction it´s mine reaction and mi opinion, and the opinion of many other users, ok ?. You think about this in this way, ok, your problem , all people we works in coding and in many things we need see this special characters, and no , no see with normal light, realply very hard see this characters, and no, no have white color

    By other side Razer no say the true never, because in this pics when you see the keyboard think these special characters show with light and no, no has any light behind, this special character are painted no real transparency characters this it´s the only problem

    By other side many other users think the same, because it´s impossible all time remember all characters, and no sense with other models of razer as Hutsman Elite never show light in characters, keyboard with a price of more 300 dollars and with this problem ?, when models as corsair sharkoon, g.skill or logitech always show with light these characters

    Why razer don`t sell other keys with all transparency, and all people happy, you don´t want see this characters iluminated ok, perfect, but many people yes, we want

    Also tell you, the problem no the light from cherry switch, the problem the characters are painted and no has transparency, and fr me it´s very hard and impossible works by this with keyboard

  6. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    I tried to explain it, but here is a post from last year that explains it more clear then I will ever be able too.
    Yes, duller lights would be better then no lights but it may have just been a choice to make it look a lot better. It would be nice if Razer did change to clear housings over the current ones they use right now so we could get this lighting, but then Cherry might bring up an issue with them depending on the way it would be done.
  7. Yes i see that answer here, and if you have this keyboard black widow you can extract key and put light under the key, plastic key, and the problem no switch the problem only plastic this zone hasn´t transparency, tomorrow upload pics about this, thank´s, regards
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