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We need a Flight Stick.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grandmasterr, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. SirGrandmasterr

    SirGrandmasterr New Member

    Good Morning everyone,
    after I played the Arena Commander of Star Citizen I felt the need to buy a good HOTAS machinery; trustfully I opened the razer homepage to get another great piece of gaming equipment but what did I have to see? Razer did not publish a Flightstick system yet!

    Thinking about this, I can understand that there hasn't been a market for this kind of stuff yet, but with the upcoming of oculus Rift and amazingly realistic games like Star Citizen, which are hard to master (even with a razer gamepad) I would love to see razer making a high quality, mechanical Flight stick to kick out the concurrence and offer the community the possibility to shoot their enemys into the ground with some good-looking, high quality equipment.

    I hope that I am not the only one to feel like this, and that a few people might support me in my need :)
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  2. wakoquacko

    wakoquacko Active Member

    Yup, that and a racing wheel

    dIScRAZYgINGER Active Member

    I've been wanting a flight stick for quite a while now and would highly enjoy a Razer one though it would be quite overpriced we would all still buy one
  4. TheRazerGamer

    TheRazerGamer New Member

    haha... if im not wrong... Razer had a project called "Razer Atermist" or somewhere along those lines, designed for Mech Warrior online.
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  5. ThaLoudBanshee

    ThaLoudBanshee New Member

    Yeah, I remember seeing that (I believe it was called Artemis) and thinking that if it came out, I would buy it. Some of the features were really interesting, such as the screen!!

    I'm not sure how well it would work with flight games, but it shouldn't be too bad :)
  6. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Mmm, if one ever came out then I wonder if I could get my father back into gaming ... he used to play every single flight simulator out there, but he always used a flight stick. (totally makes sense, he was actually a pilot. hehe)
  7. Flemtality-PC

    Flemtality-PC New Member

  8. Alaeriia

    Alaeriia Member

    If Razer made a Flightstick I would want it to have a buttload of features. Ideally, twin joysticks with lots of buttons and at least one POV digital pad. I want to be able to accurately control flight in Descent II. (Yes, I still play the zero-gravity Doom clone. It's aged pretty well.)
  9. TheRazerGamer

    TheRazerGamer New Member

    It was developed together with a built in small led display and a macro keypad... won't be the best for flight sims/games but it would have been a kick ass gaming gear to have
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