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Razer Nari Ultimate Dongle Replacement

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I have had this headset for at least 2 years, It's worked fantastically the entire time right up until a few days ago when it stopped connecting. headset works fine with the cable connection, I've tried to use the various utilities to fix it and none them of worked so i went to look for a new dongle online and could find nothing, then i saw other posts of people with the same problem. Can anyone help with solving this issue.

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My Nari Ultimate dongle also stopped working recently. After a certain synapse update, the dongle stopped working. Tried the dongle recovery and pairing tools but none worked. My Nari Ultimate's already 1 year old and still working fantastically until recently. Hopefully Razer would notice this thread and take action.
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Still awaiting a Response.
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I have the same problem and it happened at around the same time.  You could see the headset connect/disconnect on the bottom toolbar, until it finally just disconnects.  The pairing tool does nothing, and the recovery tool appears to have completely busted mine.  The first time I used the dongle recovery tool it sensed the dongle being inserted and told me to the push the recovery button, but nothing happened.  The second time it couldn’t even sense the dongle.  This seems like such a stupidly easy problem to fix and address by offering replacement dongles, and yet that is not an option.

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Hi guys, 


Please PM me the serial number of your headset so I can validate its model and check our options for sending you a replacement dongle. Thank you!


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To all the other frustrated users, after several back and forth messages with support the best they can do is direct me to https://www.razer.com/shop/replacement-parts/replacement-parts-audio and to keep check back there if it ever shows up.  Here was my response.

Sigh. So, I had already checked that before posting my frustration. I think we probably all have. If all you were going to do is direct me to that link then why bother with my serial number and Amazon receipt? Normal companies would have the dongle on the page with maybe an "out of stock" notice and a "click here if you'd like to be notified when it's back in stock" button. At least then we'd know it's an option. Since it's not there or on Amazon and there's absolutely zero hint that it's even an option to get a replacement, leaving frustrated messages in your forums is about all that any of us are able to do, other than write nasty reviews for you until this seemingly simple and common problem is addressed.

I have four days until mine mine turns two years old (Date of purchase: 03/23/2021)…. Tried all of the software updates, recovery, and checked all settings… USB dongle just stopped working… dead. Looked all over the store… and there are no parts for the Nari Ultimate …  in fact there is not even a model filter category for Nari Ultimate. Submitted a product support request, but not hopeful this will be resolved and I will have to find a different headset. 

my headset wont work anymore please help me, i have paid a lot for this and it does not start anymore (i updated everything to make sure it is not because of outdated apps)

I have same problem.... nowhere can buy the replacement dongel   (user from Taiwan

Same thing here after working just fine for over two years Headset now disconnects/reconnects repeatedly.

Must be the dongle since sound works fine when connected via 3.5mm.

Tried recovery and update software neither had any effect.

Support won’t get back to me I am furious several hundred dollar headset and they ship with the cheapest dongle they can make this will probably be the last time I buy a razer product.

All the support pages are telling me to go order a part that doesn’t even exist on their website what the eff razer.

I like this headset so much this is the second pair I’ve owned; based on the lack of support I think there will not be a third.

Here user from Argentina.

In my country, there is not even a support service where to get some help

My Razer Nari Ultimate had bought on 2021 and worked perfectly until 6 months back when I started using 3.5mm connector as the dongle disconnects and reconnect repeatedly. Identical to some other comment in this blogpost.

As couldn’t get a new dongle or even a third-party support service probably I won’t buy Razer sh*ts again. Take it into your dark and wet *ss Razer.

Mine just stopped working and I have only had it for 5 months

Did anyone else ever get it fixed?

Same problem. None of the apps provided by Razer worked.

I hope somebody from Razer takles action.

Same issue my dongle wont connect at all after update. its always disconnecting from system and connecting


Also had the same issue as above. I don't really understand how this is considered an okay business practice? A £150+ headset with such a fragile and common problem with no ability to repair seems extraordinary and I dare say against trading standards? 

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Same here ! I have to restore and pair my dongle and headset every two days...

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Mine just stopped working and I have only had it for 5 months

Did anyone else ever get it fixed?

Using the “NariDongleRecoveryTool” and the “RazerNariUltimatePairingUtility” usually revive the things

Mine just stopped working and I have only had it for 5 months

Did anyone else ever get it fixed?

Using the “NariDongleRecoveryTool” and the “RazerNariUltimatePairingUtility” usually revive the things

For me the “RazerNariUltimatePairingUtility” does nothing and the “NariDongleRecoveryTool” breaks it completely

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AFter DMing one of their agent :
THey have no trace of my two past RMAs (2.5-3 years ago)

and the final “solution” is :
“Nevertheless, you can always check here:https://www.razer.com/shop/replacement-parts/replacement-parts-audio for the availability of a replacement dongle. I also checked our internal spare part list and it's currently out of stock. I will keep an eye on this for you and will let you know should I receive an update.”

So I guess the only real solution is either to go to the concurence or buy the scalper dongle on alibaba...

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it looks like a collective problem that is growing stronger. logitech transmitters are several years old and nothing happens to them. maybe a class action lawsuit? the European Parliament will be interested in this

just had this happen to me as well, worked fine until i plugged it into my pc today (last few months it’s been used on the consoles). and the recovery tool says nothing needs to get done, and the update tool just keeps saying its failed to update the dongle.

Anyone has found a solution for this? Super frustrating

Same problem here, and I couldn’t find the dongle replacement. I would recommend avoid purchasing Razer products in the future, since they have started using cheapest materials for their products. 

I have the headset for almost 3 years now and had the same problem as you guys with constantly connecting and disconnecting until it won’t connect anymore. Sadly the cable would only work for sound and not for the mic… I went through the process and talked to support. The guarantee was done so the only thing they could ‚offer‘ me was a $10 discount if I subscribe to their newsletter and buy something from the store soon. Sadly, no help at all. Very very sad support on Razer‘s side for a 150€+ expensive headset 

Same here!

Been working fine for over a year or 2, recently started to disconnect then reconnect nearly immediately.

Today is disconnected and won’t reconnect. I believe the issue is 100% the dongle corrupting, my pc won’t even recognise it now. My headset is the only sound i have for my games! 

Not great for a bloody expensive headset!