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Peripherals (Mouse/Keyboard) disconnect many times

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I'm really getting tired of this. Throughout the day both my Razer mouse and Razer keyboard disconnect and reconnect. I can be typing or hovering over something when it happens. I made sure that all USB power settings are set correctly. This doesn't happen if the Synapse software isn't installed. When using Synapse 3.0 it happens 3 times more than Synapse 2.0.

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I found a solution to the problem. Go and buy a HUB USB 2.0. The keyboard works beautifully
i accidentally scratched my 7.1 surround sound activation code too hard, so now i can't read my code.
posting for anyone else who has this issue, charging your valve index controllers via splitter in the headset will also cause this and I swear I gave myself an aneurism trying to figure it out
Had same issue in windows 10, turns out in an update there is a USB power management called "USB Selective Suspend Setting" that was killing power briefly and causing constant disconnects my Razer gear.
Edit Power Plan > Change Advanced Power Settings > USB Settings > USB Selective Suspend Setting > Change to Disabled > Hit Apply and do a reboot
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Thanks for that it helped for me in 2022 with my Razer mamba hypeflux and my Razer Huntsman v2 Pro