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2018 Razer Blade 15 for MUSIC PRODUCTION reviews???!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by catsxbeats, Jul 19, 2018.

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  1. catsxbeats

    catsxbeats New Member


    I'm on the look out for a desktop replacement for music production with Ableton Live 10. Apple and their macbook pros have been questionable for years now so Im planning to switch to windows. As a power user I need a high performance pro laptop that's portable for studio work. The new Razer Blade 15 seems promising!

    What's your experience with music production on the razer blade?
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  2. TheCybermonkey

    TheCybermonkey New Member

    Just be careful if you want to use the free version of FL Studio as their is a bug in the site to redeem and still 3 weeks on, i have been unable to get a code so that I can get the software. Support chats have gotten me noweher.

    Did try the free version and it ran great. Not used Ableton though so no direct feedback on that. Sorry.
  3. vmishka

    vmishka New Member

    I am also interested in people's experience with the Razer Blade 15 for music production. I will be using Cubase 9.5 Pro. Does the system get hot when running a DAW or do the fans get annoying? It shouldn't because the GPU is not really being stressed at all.
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  4. TheCybermonkey

    TheCybermonkey New Member

    It’s not just the GPU that’s the challenge, it’s the new intel processors .

    Just ran a test to give you feedback.

    This was just with laptop screen as even with external screens just on , the fans kick in on minimum.

    Processors were running a sustained 3.9ghz.
    Temps were in late 60,s with peak 77 which means the fan does kick in a bit, but not enough to really be audible over the music and not like they obviously do when gaming.

    Price you pay for having a powerful bit of kit and I deem it acceptable.

    All the laptops with these processors are seeing higher temps than I think people are used to.

    Quick google will show you the new MacBooks are seeing the same, though it’s possibly made worse in Apples case as they are less tolerant of letting the fans kick in. So they’re throttling more.

    Since I undervaulted (very simply done with application called throttlestop) the blade it is not throttling at all.
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  5. catsxbeats

    catsxbeats New Member

    There are so many reviews but none that really discuss music production even though its aimed at producers...strange.

    Once its back in stock, I'll do a full review with useful tests like the fan.
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  6. catsxbeats

    catsxbeats New Member

    Thanks for checking, sounds promising. I don't mind the temp going to be at a desk most of the time. Going to have to sacrifice some noise for proper cooling.
  7. vmishka

    vmishka New Member

    Thank you. I look forward to a full review that really discusses music production.
  8. TheCybermonkey

    TheCybermonkey New Member

    Just a quick note that following my original comment re FLStudio download not working and support chat not getting me anywhere, RedPanda contacted me and got in touch with support. Now all sorted and I received my link to be able to register today. so all sorted in the end.

    Razer support isn't all bad! :)
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  9. catsxbeats

    catsxbeats New Member

    Yeah I asked quite a few questions the other day and got really good help from RedPanda too.
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