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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Kungpaoshizi, Nov 22, 2017.

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    Figured I would make a thread for bugs and/or their solutions so we can help each other in case of issues.
    Or even if you would like to share how to do a certain new feature or an observation on the way something is working. I'm sure after time this will assist in being a platform for newcomers and even the developers alike!

    For How To's, if they fit here great, otherwise please do link any you post elsewhere so they're not lost. I'll try to update any I find as well when I'm on the forum.

    In the case of bugs please include at least the build version and a quick description of the bug and any attempts you made to duplicate or alleviate the bug.

    Pre-update: Android 7.1.1
    Build: NMF26X-RZR-171018.813
    Kernel: 4.4.21-perf+
    Baseband: MPSS.AT.2.0.c4-00497-8998_GEN_PACK-1.118995.1.119254.1
    Security patch level: Sept-5-2017

    Update 1.0 11-22-2017
    Build: NMF26X-RZR-171114.851
    Kernel Build: Thu Nov 16 18 29 18 UTC
    Details soon to follow...

    RTM NMF26X-RZR-171018.813
    connected through Bluetooth if I make an outgoing call i can barely hear the other person, as if they are really far away.
    11-22 update fixes it

    -Update 1.0 11-22-2017
    "This update includes enhancements and improvements for your Phone.
    -Improvements to Dolby Atmos audio
    -Improved battery life (seriously?)
    -Updated ringtones and wallpapers
    -Various bug fixes"



    How To: Pre-update 1.0: Enable brighter screens by disabling Adaptive Display and then turning it up. Otherwise AD seems to be a median brightness adjusted by ambient light.

    Pre-update 1.0: (I've seen 3 or 4 people say it) Gray vertical lines on screen? Defect or downside to panel?
    Pre-update 1.0: 3 or 4 reports of blown bottom speakers, or incorrect sound api resulting in crackling?
    Pre-update 1.0: 3 reports of the haptic feedback motor sounding like it's loose when phone is rung

    Entry: 11-22 Post 1.0 update-- It seems they adjusted the speaker volume, it's not quite as loud as it was before update. Any one having problems with video playback? Everything I try to play shutters. I've tried Netflix and a bunch of video players, but they all do it. I was hoping this update would fix this but no dice.
    **Someone says in response:
    Only way I found to resolve that was to add the video player app such as Netflix etc into Razers Game Booster and set any profile. That is what I had to do with my MX Player app.
    I installed MX Player and added it to game booster and seems 90 percent better, thanks. Still having issues with Netflix, will play with some more settings.
    **Personal note: I had a 1.1 error when attempting to stream anything on netflix. Pre-downloaded vides worked fine. I reinstalled netflix and this was resolved. The insertion of an sd card and subsequent moving everything to it (because it was formatted as internal storage) could have played a role

    Entry: 11-22 Post 1.0 update-- I plugged the phone in at 5pm with 49 percent battery, at 6pm showing 94 percent, phone never got warm while charging. Is it me or does that seem slow? Seemed to charge faster and get warmer before update. (I saw another person though pre-update say they only saw 5v @ 1.9A max during charging)

    Entry: 11-22 Post 1.0 update-- Is anyone have a phone speaker problem after the update. I updated a few hours ago and now when make or receiving calls the speaker is just making beeps no voice from the caller.

    Entry: 11-22 Post 1.0 update-- Seems the update has temporarily fixed the sound crackle, which is still undetermined whether it was hardware or software, no communication from Razer thus far on their troubleshooting efforts. It is indeed quite softer and not as loud as before. Hoping this is temporary, would be great to hear an official statement from Razer as to if this sound level reduction is permanent or temporary.
    I'm completely blown away they've done more than several fixes within 5 days. That's impressive no doubt! :)
    Here's the sound comparison, pre vs post update, Atmos on, all 3 ehancements on, custom1, maxxed eq:

    Entry: 11-23 Pre-Update 1.0: This error popped up at random, unsure if a background process was still running, but the game was launched once, then closed, 4-5 hours later this error pops up.

    Entry: Update level uknown: Motor on mine sounds awful for calls or notifications (just like in the video). Haptic feedback for typing seems fine though.

    Entry: Post-update: Someone spoke with customer service regarding the low volume, they are currently working on a fix for this.

    Entry: New pre-update phone vs post-update phone: No crackles on new phone but old phone post-update sounds as loud as this new one (pre-update) It's as if the volume is lowered to the post-update levels on this pre-update OOB 813 build.
    After enabling atmos, enabling 3 enhancements, turning eq up all across the board, sound is just as loud as post-update, not as loud as RTM. After a restart, the phone is just as loud as RTM. No crackle in the speakers, so first phone- either speakers failed or atmos caused them to blow, or there's a software glitch that results in the crackle or speakers at RTM build and post-update on lvl 8/10 and 9/10 of the 'media volume' slider when you tap. The xylophone sound is the test sound.

    How-To: The NFC chip is apparently just under the dual camera area.
    *Someone else says: The logo is the NFC area.

    Entry: 11-25 Update unknown: I'd say there's definitely something wrong with the NFC chip, maybe it's just under-powered, it's really hit or miss for me. Tried using Android Pay in 4 different shops, and it only worked once. I used both the area under the rear camera and around the Razer logo, no luck.

    Entry: Just checked the Playstore for updates and looks like Razer has updated the apps. :)

    Personal note: 5 days after release, Razer has a firmware update, then an update for the apps?
    Nice job Razer! :) (and people were questioning whether or not Razer would slack on updates lol)

    Entry: 11-25 2 reports of bottom speaker grill starting to separate and lift (interested to know if there's a limit to how tight you can hold it before deformation)
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