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An open discussion on Insider Special Access

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. Evasesh

    Evasesh Member

    I think it could work. Granted demand is always going to be higher than supply when it comes to new hardware. I was one of the people that was upset over the situation yesterday but that stemmed from issues previously in regards to issues I ran into with the site.
    That being said, having a registration cap is a good idea but a lot of people made the assumption that when they got the email they were guaranteed a unit. What could have been done was having registration open for more people then units then an email sent to randomly selected people that can buy the item. The people not chosen could have received an email stating, sorry you were not selected but keep an eye out in the future for other attempts. It would work more like a lottery at that point.
    Yes you will still have upset people, but I think it would end up being more people understanding they yes their registration was received but they were not selected to order it at this time, rather than a mad dash when the store opens to order it, getting the item in the cart then being told it is sold out.
  2. Hsolo7

    Hsolo7 New Member

    I believe the Insider Special Access sale should stay. I appreciate and respect you and Razer for what you do. That being said, I'd like to voice my slight disappointment. For someone like me and many others, we've heard about the Nabu when it was first announced probably held off on buying themselves a smart watch/band, in hopes of the Nabu's release. Now that's it's here/near, it's been impossible to get [twice]. It just feels a little like no reward for loyalty, which I'm sure is a laughable notion. I'm not trying to insult Razer at all, I still love and support you guys. I just wanted to get my dejected word in.
  3. ThePsyciopath

    ThePsyciopath Member

    You should definitely keep sound this. Just because the first time ended up with some people complaining does not mean you just give up. You never get things perfect on the first try. It's going to take a few times until you perfect a system.

    If you keep doing it, it's also going to bring more exposure into insider, which is always a good thing. People will say "dude, this site gives you epic deals! Join!" I can only see these getting better from now on.

    With that being said, there is something I would appreciate. I would really like to see a special sale or offer for those of us who participated in the closed beta and waited for an invite.

  4. coolgal

    coolgal New Member

    Why won't you just let people back-order and give them an expected delivery date? That would not only help give the customers a transparent view of when it can be expected, but also help you assess the demand and manufacture the right number of units.

    Then, there would be a method to this madness.
  5. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    I'm in no sense truly active here, but I read up from time to time and post something. But what I did notice is that the amount of people proclaiming Razer to be shit and moving to other companies increased dramatically since insider went open to everyone. Also it doesn't feel very special anymore, not like the first time I heard about it after giving feedback on the Heatmaps and receiving an invite.

    About the special insider thing, sounds cool, like insider itself was. Not only to be part of a group of people closer to the company in terms of feedback on ideas, software or new products, but the discounts make it even sweeter. But do know, you'd get a better group of people without the discounts than with. Count me in for either, even though I'm not a hardcore fan with a tattoo or all razer products. Just a happy customer that really likes the products, and especially the attitude of the company, I mean, who else could try to push projects like Christine towards the people, or Blade for that matter. Being someone who loves tech, I'd like to see it evolve faster and am willing to contribute :)

    Personally, I don't need a Nabu right now, and since I'm not US based it the pre-regs don't even matter, but I think you are doing a damn fine job creating enthusiasm, and a hype. And this is a good thing. People only whine because they actually really want it.
  6. Khetix

    Khetix Active Member

    Hey dude, mine did the same thing. Just send a quick note to Razer Customer support with your order number and the correct state and they will be able to update the billing/shipping. :)
  7. Khetix

    Khetix Active Member

    So *much* like.
  8. Kayman42

    Kayman42 New Member

    I think this would go a long way towards putting people in the right frame of mind for an event like this. I approve.
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  9. loli556

    loli556 Active Member

    So i think strategy is really good like pre acces sale. It's a good idea and should stay.
    But the only thing by this special sales could be the amount of informations, because i was really happy on the 1st wave until we get the late information only for US. It could be something like a big structure or plans how it will go on so that people from Europe or AP could approximately know when they are able to get products. But like i already said the special acces is really nice
  10. KahiKaze

    KahiKaze Active Member

    The special access is a great idea. The theory is to rewards people who have been fans of razer products by giving them special pricings and such and access to the given product before retail release. Now having said that... one of the reasons people seem to be unhappy is that they DO NOT feel rewarded for being a hardcore fan. Now why is that?

    1. Size and color availability

    You only made one color and one size available. Color is probably not such a huge issue but size is. It leaves out people who cannot wear that one specific size, a contributing fan or not.

    2. Meaning of hardcore/contributing fan is unclear.

    What is the standard for being a hardcore/contributing fan? Its not challenging enough. You required 1 post, a furnished profile of one picture, linked RazerID which is...pretty minimal and can be done in like 5 minutes. Hardly a way to distinguish a fan from someone who just wants a cool smart fitness band.

    3. Technical difficulties (emails not being sent out, not arriving to qualified players)

    Self explanatory and there really is no point in pointing fingers at each other but nevertheless...it is a great factor. A lot of people very excited people were not helped when it came to problems with the email.

    4. Only available in the US

    I am not really sure what the exact reason is for this but I suppose you might be able to go one step further for your fans and make it available for people in the other countries as well...I mean everyones going to complain either way so no real true solution for this other than just making it globally available from the get-go.

    Usually, the bottom line is...theres no way to make everyone happy. Part of running a business is that there will always be some kind of unforeseen problems and costs... I believe that Razer has exceptional people who can come up with a solution to make majority of the people happy.
  11. iZpawn

    iZpawn Active Member

    Rewarding insiders means absolutely nothing when people can just sign up whenever they please.

    Judging people by forums posts is the most horrible idea i have ever heard.
    It's like rewarding that one kid that aimed to be the teachers pet in your class back in school.
    I am not saying that they should be excluded, just that they should not be considered above anyone else in any way.

    I personally approve of the special price for insiders, but then everyone would be an insider just for the discounts.
    Because so far, i have seen no discounts or advantages to being a loyal customer whatsoever.

    I have been screwed over by Razer customer support and i keep using their services.
    I am screwed over every day by my Razer Chimaera 5.1 yet i continue to use it.
    You know why? Cause i love Razer and i stay loyal them and their products.

    Won't be any premium in something unless it's limited in some way.

    Like with the Nabu.. And like with the OnePlus One.. Premium products that 0.5% of the population will own. (To begin with at least)
    It's all about how to go about it. OnePlus One failed horribly at it, we all know that story.
    Nabu had a rough start. And when i say start, i am referring to Wave 1 and forth. Because that's when the Nabu really appeared as a product you could actually own.

    Not if you keep the product undercover for a longer duration and release details once you have enough units to ship. (Or close to)

    This is life. There will always be unhappy people in the community. You announced the Nabu way too early and people have been loosing sleep and whatnot, over it these past months. Along with lost costumers.

    The whole wave thing was a clear mistake, I'm afraid. Only leads to rage and a few happy individuals in between.
    There's Beta testing and there's retail. There should not be any middle area between those two phases.
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  12. thebat04

    thebat04 New Member

    I agree with everything that's been said so far. I have lots of Razer products at home but message boards are never my thing. So, I did join just for a chance at an early Nabu. I know people not getting one will cause Internet rage however you run things but the pre registration needed to be run way better. Either changing the criteria to qualify or entering just sending in an email and you guys pick the lucky 5000. I only say this because both times I waited online and once things went live the page would crash or not work properly. That's more frustrating than actually missing out on the Nabu. You basically have zero chance because the site couldn't handle it. If it's a raffle or handled different, I just look at as hey I didn't win. Now I feel like I'm just wasting hours of my life and the cheaper price is nice, but I'll just wait for full retail release.
  13. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    To be entirely honest, we can't be mad at Razer for giving us the product before retail and at a reduced price. I mean, think about it, how it that a BAD thing? It's not. The rage and anger comes from those who didn't get one. I'll admit I was a bit disappointed to see that there weren't any Small sized bands in the pre-release, but it's fine because I'll be able to purchase a retail unit soon enough, if I chose to. If they didn't do the pre-release, would that make you more happy? Because nobody got one, it wasn't just you that didn't get one? Some people are just too selfish.
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  14. XeroOrc

    XeroOrc Member

    well expected man. its like iphone LOL... why not do preorders... at a cheaper price to see the response. well some people hate the name preorders. a preorder would have been good to let people actually pre buy it and u can still see the response rate. then all u need to do is ensure that by a certain date to ship it to them =D
  15. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    I would say most definitely to that Razer Blade special. I was going to get a blade but needed to wait, but with my bonus from work I would pick up one up in a heartbeat. I love the special access prices though. It shows who is truly dedicated and always around.

    To be honest though, I agree with most of your choices so whatever you choose would be awesome.
  16. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    @Min-Liang Tan After spending the night thinking about a new ranking system, I came up wit a simple idea:
    First of all, as mentioned before:
    For B) i would recommend two things:
    1) Reading posts is considered in the ranking progress
    2) Having the following options for other members posts:
    Like -> I find this entertaining etc.
    Helpful -> The information presented to me by this user helped me in my decision making progress
    unrelated to the topic -> neutral definition, as this should apply to threads ranging from product advice to casual weekend chats
    This way we can focus on the "Helpful" votes for members, but still have the option of showing our support with likes - making the numbers more valuable and representative.
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  17. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    I definitely second this. I am always around, but I only post if I think it is absolutely necessary, not just because I want my count to go up. So I would go off something different than just post count which is extremely shallow.
  18. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    $999 for a blade leaves me wishing I have $999 to spend.
  19. Zerg006

    Zerg006 New Member

    I think you're doing a fine job. Not all CEOs would communicate directly with the fans. I'll admit, I was a little peeved about missing out on Wave 1 and completely forgetting above Wave 2, but that's not going to make me angry at you. I'm still planning on getting the Nabu regardless
  20. WhiteSmokeautovine185

    WhiteSmokeautovine185 Active Member

    Anyone that doesn't understand this should not be attempting the early-access process... Of course there is competition for Razer products. True fans know this (and struggle through it). People forget the relative size of Razer to some other tech giants, and assume that Razer should have the resources and manpower to rival Apple, Google, Microsoft in how they operate. Razer matches/exceeds them in passion, commitment, and quality; however, being a fraction of the size naturally means there are some limitations that will "change the game" for Razer (like the aforementioned manpower and resources). At the end of the day, Razer is still niche, and us real fans like it that way.

    Big fan of a ranking system, especially a hidden one. I wouldn't want to sacrifice the quality of Razer Insider just to continue early-access programs. Ranks need to be set up so they are as un-exploitable as possible. Keeping the ratings system secret is a good start to accomplishing that.

    Having successfully ordered a Nabu in Wave 1, I may be a bit bias in my opinion. I am a big fan of how the early-access has gone. The only criticism I have was the level of secrecy in the process.

    It would have been nice to have a timeline for waves laid out in advance so people that missed out in Wave 1 would already know when their chance for Wave 2 was coming. I feel the not knowing (especially for people planning on the Nabu as a gift for Christmas) was a huge cause of the resentment. Obviously this level of pre-planning would be difficult when Razer is in the middle of coordinating of retail release and mass production of the device, but it could still be done. I think even a little more transparency could go a long way.
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