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Blackwidow X chroma keyboard

Discussion in 'Razer Insider (Phillipines)' started by maestroehm, Sep 21, 2016.

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  1. binili ko po kasi sya last aug 12, 2016 and by the time na lilinisin ko po sana sya napansin ko sa lower left ng keyboard ko ay may part dun na medyo kinalawang na shock lng ako kasi 1month mahigit palang sa akin ito inde ko lng cguro napansin agad coz i always play with lights off po... so i ask the store to check for replacement but sabi nila first time daw nila narinig ung gnitong issue and d nila alam kung si supplier eh ppyag sa replacement but i still ask them to pullout hoping for replacement... just want to ask this incident sa x chroma nirereplace po ba ito ni razer? i didnt spill any liquid substance and my room has aircon i do feel its because my palm sweat?
  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    My ability to understand Tagalog is minimal at best, but I think you're asking about some potential damage to your keyboard that looks like water/liquid damage and you think it could have been caused by your palms sweating? I think you also said that you'd attempted having a store check their stock regarding condition of new items and that you attempted to do a warranty type replacement with them?

    Assuming I'm not absolutely butchering what you're getting at, I'd first ask if your unit is still under warranty? Though, whether it is or isn't I'd probably recommend that you contact Razer Customer Support and see what they have to say about the keyboard. There may be a way that they can help you out, and at the very least they could offer further information.

    As a last resort, perhaps trying taking your keyboard to the store in Manila and see what they have to say or if they have any additional suggestions that could assist you.
  3. SirJarren

    SirJarren Active Member

    Saan mo binili keyboard? Kung Razer, contact customer support.

    Also niregister mo ba ito?
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