CES Sale Backorder - It won't happen, but here's why...

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Do you want the option to backorder?

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  1. Yes please!

  2. No thank you!

  3. Don't care either way.

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  1. I am absolutely in favour of back order if my sale code is still applied to the purchase.
    I am going to need to swap my keyboard and/or mouse soon, though they're both still holding on for the time being, and when I heard about the sale I figured I might as well get one of them from Razer. If not for the sale I probably wouldn't be buying Razer anyway so I don't feel at too much of a loss, but I would love to get something at 50% for the price I would have payed otherwise anyway. My keyboard is already ordered since I missed the sale and, initially, the follow-up sale announcement (I have a Corsair K70 RGB on the way), but having looked at the options prior to the sale starting I really want an Ouroboros now as my next mouse. The problem is, much as I want the Ouroboros, I'd rather buy a mouse I don't want as much for around $100 than buy an Ouroboros full price. After tax, the 50% off Ouroboros works out to about the same (I'm in Canada, the math makes sense ;)). I have no problem waiting a while since my current gear should be able to hang on at least until my replacement(s) arrive even should something be coming on back order--my mouse has at least 6 weeks left in it, maybe even a few months more than that if I'm careful, so time isn't really an issue. The money definitely is.
  2. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    We usually don't do backorders when it is at full price (i.e. put a Notify Me sign instead) because sometimes demand usually far outstrips supply globally - i.e. all resellers are trying to get hold of any available stock and Razerstore doesn't have confirmed stock allocation either.

    And even more so for the CES sale - this won't happen because at 50% off, it's lower than the price for distributors/resellers etc. Already we are seeing automated bots being designed to take advantage of it and while we put restrictions in place (1 per shipping address), there are a variety of ways that scalpers also try to get around the system.

    And in such an occurrence, we could be seeing orders in the millions of units that we would need to fulfill at a loss while resellers/scalpers would profit at the expense of the company and ultimately - at the expense of our customers.

    So the best (and only option) is to do it based on available stocks - we don't intentionally build up additional stock (because candidly - we have no way of predicting if we will win Best of CES or otherwise) nor do we reduce the amount of stock that we have - it's basically the standing stock of the store at the time when we open the sale.

    tldr: No we won't do backorders for the sale because of very good reasons.
  3. ejacool24

    ejacool24 Member

    I want the back order option too. I hope they do this one, but I also understand razer's side about the back order.

    I'm happy that they gave another shot for the appreciation sale. Im hoping that I could snag my new razer leviathan there. Wohooo. It was already sold out before I could even cought up with what s hopping with the codes. :slightly_sad:
  4. That's fair enough from the company's perspective; I can certainly appreciate how botting could be a problem when it's such an issue already in many games without the possibility of a profit on top of that. I have a clearer picture of what I want now, and will hopefully be ready to grab it as soon as it goes up next time. Live and learn.

    It's also pretty sweet that you're replying to a thread like this yourself, especially after your Facebook and Twitter posts from earlier. And as many have said already, it's nice to see a business (let alone a founder/CEO) actually responding so soon after an unfortunate situation (since, sadly, such behaviour has become the exception and not the rule or so it often seems) and doing what they can to try and remedy what can be remedied.
  5. Hypori

    Hypori New Member

    backordering is definitely a good option. it will allow those that didnt get what they wanted at the CES sale to get a chance at what they actually want.
  6. AlmostMadHatter

    AlmostMadHatter New Member

    I'm also down for that. It's much more convenient.
  7. DunClownMcClown

    DunClownMcClown Active Member

    Thank you Min-Liang Tan,

    I also promoted the idea of the back order option. Your explanation is very clear and now I have to agree with you. Ultimately the best for everyone that likes Razer products is for you to have a sensible business practice.
    Profits means you have money for research and development which lead to more cool things for us to enjoy from our favorite brand.
    For those only watching their wallet, that is sensible but you are not entitled to anything.
  8. vegaobscura

    vegaobscura New Member

    That's the thing people ultimately have to understand. These sales aren't so that everyone can get all the items they want at a cut-rate price. Because that would be bad business for Razer. The sales are a "thank-you" to the fanbase by offering a temporary price-cut on what's available. If it goes out of stock, you don't get a chance to buy it for the sale price.

    It sucks. I realize. I wanted to buy something, had it ready in the cart and everything, but due to the code swap, was unable to buy it before it went out of stock. It happens. But that being said, I'm not holding it against Razer that they would prefer me to buy their item at list price if possible.
  9. momoness

    momoness New Member

    The stock of the items vanished real quick. They could have a second sale.
  10. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Guys think of the hit Razer would take if they allowed that. A once a year sale that gets rid of most of what they have left can be a good thing, but allowing backorders they would lose sooooo much money.Granted, we are restricted to one item this year. Last year I bought several gifts. But still that many backorders just doesn't seem practical. And I want that Seiren bundle for half off. Trust me I WANT that. But it just does not seem practical from a business stand point.
  11. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    That's a bummer, but it makes sense.

    F$%@ing reasons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Really appreciate the reply/info!
  12. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    If you're willing to wait a long time for shipping, there's always waiting a year for the clearance when there's a newer version of the product...
  13. JulioRancho

    JulioRancho New Member

    Oh god PLEASE accept backorders! I will wait forever as long an I am guaranteed the sale price. Well, maybe not forever...
  14. Kralizec

    Kralizec New Member

    Bummer but it does make sense.
  15. 80906

    80906 New Member

    I will stick my neck out and that is ok.

    This looks like a con, it really does. A super smart CEO reverses the codes, there is no stock even if you guess it correctly. Sorry, sounds like I walked into the bearded lady tent.

    I have liked razer a lot but this stinks of a marketing ploy. Build up excitement, have a convenient excuse, pay forward, reduce costs. Thanks but no thanks. I think you guys have great products but you didn't have to go here. Looks like Geraldo's Capone vault move.

    I am not a teenager in a basement but an IT director and like my kids to play games. That said, I dislike 3 card monty.
  16. 80906

    80906 New Member

    And, by the way, throttling orders can happen a couple of ways and I am sure your PowerPoints illustrated it. You could have capped the discount or made it a random discount (5-75) and done better. You could have done a lottery (put down CC and be one of the lucky 1000), you could have used an online trivia game, you could have done a lot of stuff. Traffic would have been there w/o the risk or the curse words.

    Creating PR may be gold for Madonna but not good for a products company. Bad to play with the fan base. You may win short term accolades but the bitter taste lingers like an a bad IPA.

    Toss your finger in the air but I have seen this before. If you had a volume problem you should be using Teradata or something like it. Piss poor IT infrastructure to go down like that. Blaming it on reversing code indicates a management screw up of incredible proportions. Modern machines can handle your volume. You chose to not have them or to want to cause it:

    I choose the latter.
  17. 80906

    80906 New Member

    Sorry but BS. I am a coder. We can work around bots and thwart activities in various ways. T o scream we can't do it due to this or that is a disservice. Have your coders figure it out. You know, Starbucks and some screaming matches about best ways of handling. You can get past a vicious boss in a video game but the coders cannot handle an algorithm to handle bots!?!?!? FTP (F the power). CODE!!!
  18. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    @NazgulStig your 3d glasses and popcorn may not have to go to waste.
  19. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

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  20. astrixx

    astrixx New Member

    I just hope they manage to re-stock as much as possible!
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