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Comfortable FPS mouse

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by daboh, Apr 15, 2017.

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  1. daboh

    daboh New Member

    Hey Razer Fans,
    I am looking for a comfortable mouse for semi-competitive FPS play (BF1 and Overwatch). After much deliberation, i have decided on the mamba tournament edition, or the diamondback. However, I have fairly large hands and I have heard that the mamba is rather small, and not so easy to operate with larger hands. I just wan't to know which would be better, and if i have received the right information on the mamba as it is currently the most likely purchase.

  2. FunkySkill

    FunkySkill Member

    I dont own a mamba and dont know much about it but as for other gaming mice I think the Deathadder would do the job good aswell (but again I dont really know how big your hands are but the mouse should fit good)
  3. SweetBamboo

    SweetBamboo New Member

    Its totally subjective, no correct answer. I own a Mamba, but I think i prefer Diamondback due to its ergonomic. Not say that Mamba is bad, but there is slight weight compare to Razer Deathadder in my opinion.

    For answering your question, I think Deathadder is better than Mamba. Personally. But Mamba have cooler Chroma effect, not gonna judge you if you bought Mamba instead of Deathadder
  4. Bolterino

    Bolterino Active Member

    Yeah but chroma effects don't help u to improve in the game, i am saving for the deathadder, since i think is one of the best mouse atm
  5. SweetBamboo

    SweetBamboo New Member

    Haha yes indeed that Deathadder is overall better. But Im not sure why Mamba feel heavier than Deathadder eventhough is the same weight.

    But for the OP, is depend on the ergonomic for you to choose between Mamba or Diamondback. Recall all your previous old mouse, even non-gaming and feel which shapes feel comfortable for you and similar shape between Mamba or Diamond.

    On the other hand, if you prefer Mamba shape take now consider the Deathadder weight (especially) due to my experience on multiple razer mouse.

    Heck I prefer light weight mouse, I perform better while using Razer Abbysus compare to Mamba due to weight. Thats why in my conclusion I prefer Diamondback due ergonomic and lighter than Mamba. Now use my mini analytic to purchase your Razer Mice! :D
  6. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    I currently own a local $10 mouse, and it seems to be working fine atm.
    I've heard people around me battling about Mamba vs Deathadder, and been praising Deathadder for being better at comfortable, right weight, and accurate. I'm looking forward to Deathadder as well because of that.
  7. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    For FPS games I'll recommend 2 razer optical mouses: DeathAdder Elite, and Abyssus V2. Both are light and have great sensors. But everyone have their own preferences about ergonomics etc. So it will be good if you will have some ability to test it before buy in local shop.
  8. Aussie_Ninja

    Aussie_Ninja New Member

    I have giant hands and use the mama te without any problems. I also find the mamba more ergonomic but thats down to preference. Just go with what you find more comfortable to hold.
  9. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    It's probably not a popular opinion, but I find having all the MMO buttons on the Naga make it extremely easy to use it as a FPS mouse. Movement on the left hand (ESDF, space, and crouch), and everything else is on the mouse.
  10. TheWill42

    TheWill42 Active Member

    I'm 6' and have pretty large hands and find the Mamba TE fits just right.

    However I have a very 'floaty' mouse grip and don't make too much contact with the body of the mouse
  11. NotKaseyDunn

    NotKaseyDunn New Member

    I recommend the Razer Naga (I've had the 2014 one since it came out and its awesome), the number buttons on the side are great for hotkeys in games such as csgo when you have to hit the 1/2/3/4 keys to switch weapons. Instead of moving your left hand up to the numbers you can just hit it with your thumb. Also, the left and right side clicks for the scroll wheel is great for macros (I personally have them as copy and paste). Its a really comfortable and efficient mouse overall.
  12. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    Yup - forgot about the side-scroll clicks.

    Overwatch, they are my "Need Healing" and "Thank You" buttons. Always thank your support for heals.
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