Games which makes you cry ((

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Arsen Adnaev, Nov 30, 2016.

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  1. arsen.adnaev

    arsen.adnaev New Member

    Hey guys, just finished the "The Last of Us", i felt so emotional through the whole game, even cried on some scenes (which was awkward). Which games also made you cry? or at least feel emotional?
  2. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    the ending of "rocket league" was a hard pill to swallow, I just can't believe how it all played out
  3. MrBigStuff

    MrBigStuff Member

    The ending of Shadow Of The Colossus
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  4. Xereint

    Xereint Member

    League of Legends. I cri evrytim
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  5. TheLostPariah

    TheLostPariah New Member

    The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games :frown_:
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  6. duri_sk

    duri_sk Member

    -Witcher 3 ,cutscene when Ciri was thinking about Geralt reactions and you saw everything.
    -Sad ending, when Ciri was dead and Geralt was back in swamps to avenge her,it was touchy seing Geralt broken.(Im fan of Witcher for good 20 years, when i was 10 i was reading original novel in Polish,im Slovak, languages are quite similar, but still... )

    -"my funeral" in Ultima Online, after 6 years of playing, all those memories and good friends....
    - Forged by flame, latest trailer for HOTS,for me its one of greatest game videos
    - Dragon Age origins, Alistairs speech about sacrifice of Grey Warden
    -Baldurs Gate 2 Throne of Bhall ending- when they were talking what happened to your party, to you etc...

    Well i had never literally cried,but some stories in games are really good
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  7. DavidMGS

    DavidMGS New Member

    Shadow of the colossus / Ico / Undertale :crying_cat_face:
  8. geoPaleRobinEggBlue893

    geoPaleRobinEggBlue893 Active Member

    Overwatch, but only when I get flamed x.x
  9. aab010799

    aab010799 Active Member

    The game brink literally made me cry in 2011 because of how bad and frustrating it was
  10. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    These guys know.

    Nier too. Cant wait for Automata!
  11. DaanBlankie

    DaanBlankie Active Member

    World of Warcraft
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