[Giveaway] Battlerite Razer Serpent Mount

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Nov 13, 2017.

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  1. ecgamesZ0

    ecgamesZ0 Member

  2. 371110

    371110 New Member

    Hello i realy want that one^^
  3. ElementOne

    ElementOne Active Member

    Thanks. Got my keys.
  4. NebulaMask

    NebulaMask Active Member

    Thank you so much for adding more keys :)
  5. villamthunderfalcon

    villamthunderfalcon New Member

    I activated the key, its shows in the steam items too I mean (Battlerite - Razer Serpent Mount - Installed - Yesterday)
    The problems is unless it "installed dlc" its still unloecked in the game! What can be the problem, what can I do to solve this?
  6. opactor

    opactor New Member

    Thanks razer!! :eek_: :eek_:
    I got it this time. :smile_:
  7. Livandril

    Livandril New Member

    thank you!!!
  8. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I would recommend contacting game support for this issue first, or Steam support. :)
  9. fireclaws

    fireclaws New Member

    Thanks! :smile_:
  10. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I agree with @kajira. Originally, I'm the old fashioned type of person who doesn't even want to bother with support. I had such a horrible experience with Alienware support that I was leery of contacting any type of support. I was that soured on the experience. But one day Cortex was giving me problems and I happened to be visiting Insiders like I'm wont to do on any given day and I saw a thread started by Razer's CEO and he advised me to give the Cortex Branch a shot and lo and behold, problem solved.
  11. Used last razer mount in game and now got a new one.
    Soon it will be a collection :D
    Thanks Guys!
  12. Teamfighting

    Teamfighting New Member

    It says that my key isn't valid. Please help
  13. Guizerodois

    Guizerodois New Member

    Thaks razer @!!!!!
  14. arsenalrush

    arsenalrush New Member

    I don't understand - where wuppo giveaway from Razer, I get key, but I knew it not from "Giveaway and Contest" page?
  15. Darksbane86

    Darksbane86 Active Member

    Thanks for the giveaway
  16. t0ny0503

    t0ny0503 New Member

    I just picked up the game today! I'm excited for more keys :D This mount looks awesome
  17. SpreadThoseLegs

    SpreadThoseLegs New Member

    If there is no key's left right now, i dont think they will add more of it. you're little to late :slightly_sad:
    pst: dont try to buy key's from people, I did and got scammed.
  18. vinikuroskinho30

    vinikuroskinho30 New Member

    Please, add more keys !
  19. Vth94

    Vth94 New Member

    Please add more keys !!
  20. Lol you guys, seriously?
    There just were literally 4 days in a row with keys available.
    Don't be greedy.
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