[Giveaway Over] What is... the Razer Firefly?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, May 14, 2015.

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  1. G_oakes

    G_oakes Member

    Either a graphics tablet, or more likely a mouse pad
  2. Need4Speed

    Need4Speed Member

    Would it be a Chroma Drone?
  3. Vestaloyne

    Vestaloyne Member

    Firefly is going to be a new chroma style Mouse Mat.
    Since we're on the topic of bug names...
  4. xana247

    xana247 New Member

    a mousepad
  5. RadioactiveMoney

    RadioactiveMoney New Member

    Its got to be a mouse mat
  6. Aleali

    Aleali New Member

    Definitely a led mouse mat!
  7. LotusPhoenix

    LotusPhoenix New Member

    mouse mat chroma :)
  8. Chroma Trackpad
  9. FruityKinqz

    FruityKinqz New Member

    It's a mouse pad with LEDs
  10. Just to be different.

    LED (chroma) lighting strips so that we can make our pc's / consoles / gaming setups even more epic.

    (if it isn't then please let this be the next thing you make, thanks :) )
  11. xxGhostKillerxx

    xxGhostKillerxx New Member

    Chroma Mousemat!
  12. HiImZech

    HiImZech New Member

    I think it's a chroma mousepad with heatmaps-like sensor telling you where and how fast have you moved your mouse around


    Love the idea of a muti colored mouse pad! Could this be one? If so sign me up for one.
  14. Eirreann

    Eirreann Member

    That's definitely a Chroma mousepad.
  15. SilionHenderson

    SilionHenderson New Member

    Probably a mouse mat/pad, but it could also just be a programmable chroma lighting system that you can affix to whatever you wish.
  16. Mouse pad mouse pad!
  17. WolfwithSword

    WolfwithSword New Member

    How about a Mini Chroma External Soundcard? Possibly even with a built in base with razer surround sound? Too many people guessing mousepad, might as well guess at random.
  18. YinYang1st

    YinYang1st New Member

    My money's on a chroma mouse pad. Can't really think of anything else with that shape besides a tablet.
  19. I think it might be a laptop with colorful edges, but who knows?
  20. etinder121

    etinder121 New Member

    Its a mousepad like everyone else is saying with chroma lighting
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