Giveaway | Razer Chroma is throwing an Indie Party!

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Deleted member 368765, Jun 26, 2017.

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    Razer Chroma is throwing an indie party! Join the fun, you could score a free game bundle.

    Hey Insiders,

    Like indie games? You’re in for a treat. We’re excited to announce that GoatPunks, Oh Sir! and Masquerada are joining the Razer Chroma Workshop, with sexy new effects! We had a blast playing these gems and you have to see them syncing up with your Razer gear yourself.

    To celebrate new Chroma effect integrations, we’ve prepared 50 bundles featuring these 3 games. Enter our giveaway now and you could win one!

    Play King of the Hill in GoatPunks, and power up your daft goats with epic arsenals. Or try Oh Sir!, and clap back with wit to insult and take down your opponents. Maybe seeking vengeance in a dark Venetian universe is your thing? You’ll love Masquerada.

    One thing’s for sure—it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

    Learn more about GoatPunks, Oh Sir! and Masquerada on Steam.
  2. ObsidianZed

    ObsidianZed Well-Known Member

    Well this most definitely looks interesting.
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  3. TheLostPariah

    TheLostPariah New Member

    Awesome! I do love me some indies and anything with Chroma integration is a bonus!! so once again thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone. :)
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  4. chroma143

    chroma143 New Member

    awesome giveaways :D thanks
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  5. SuHao

    SuHao New Member

    I play non of these games :| But today I will try it :D
  6. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    Awsome giveaway :D
    Thanks a lot for the chance and good luck to everyone
  7. heyDC

    heyDC New Member

    I've never won any giveaway before. I hope I get lucky! :)
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  8. Mr0zio

    Mr0zio New Member

    I could always use more games!
  9. Fuzzybeard

    Fuzzybeard Active Member

    Always good to find more hidden gems in the indie seen.
  10. lightline21

    lightline21 Member

    Love this, hope I could get one :D :D
  11. Love the Chroma integration with a indie company.
  12. ACE_x_JoRDaN

    ACE_x_JoRDaN New Member

    INDIE GAMES!!!!!!!!
  13. WolfK.

    WolfK. Active Member

    Thanks for the giveaway Razer! As always you are awesome!
  14. Dan tsai_no_id

    Dan tsai_no_id New Member

  15. Xanadupolysigns288

    Xanadupolysigns288 New Member

    As always you are awesome! Y love you, giveaway Razer.
  16. dr-emulator-madmax

    dr-emulator-madmax New Member

  17. arabfran

    arabfran New Member

    Nice, thanks for the giveaway.
  18. FireFly_209

    FireFly_209 New Member

    Awesome competition!
    Thank you very much for putting this together for us all.

    It's great to see Razer supporting the little guys, as often Indie developers don't get the attention they so deserve.

    The entry for "Log in/Sign up to Razer Insider" doesn't work for me either. Even if I log out, then use the button in the competition to log back in it still won't let me push the Continue button...

    EDIT: And now, after leaving it for a while, it says "Done! You got one entry" I'm guessing it takes a while for it to register it... Oh well - at least it worked in the end.
  19. 364436

    364436 New Member

    Kewl, I love Indies!
  20. H0PE_

    H0PE_ Member

    Fun little give away, cool... :)
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