[Giveaway] Razer Ripsaw + Nintendo Switch Guide

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Apr 22, 2017.

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  1. NerfDaTenshi

    NerfDaTenshi New Member

    Really... Awesome!
  2. That's a cool thing. But knowing my luck... ;)
  3. Celestin6669

    Celestin6669 New Member

    Hey! That's pretty good
  4. Al279ex

    Al279ex New Member

  5. Kizzdude

    Kizzdude New Member

    Thank you for that little helping hand there :D
    That actually will really help me out in the future :) :heart:
  6. danielaniq28

    danielaniq28 New Member

    Would be great to stream this + The Switchh!! wink wonk!
    Already played breath of the wild on wii u! It's a great game!

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  7. Numerophobia

    Numerophobia New Member

    Well you know what they say: 25th switch giveaway's the charm. :smile_:
  8. Latrommi

    Latrommi New Member

    This giveaway's something I'm looking forward too! It'd make livestreaming a whole lot better!
  9. mythdalas27

    mythdalas27 New Member

    Looks pretty sweet good luck
  10. diuro

    diuro New Member

  11. EKC111

    EKC111 New Member

    One day...
  12. LeonSolido

    LeonSolido New Member

    Thanks for making this offer even if it's only one possible winner!!!
    I want to gift the Switch to my little cousin and use the streaming device myself for goode olde dark souls... :)
  13. Rose501

    Rose501 New Member

    This would be awesome
  14. Nerdfromhell

    Nerdfromhell New Member

    Hey, someone has to win, might be you!
  15. ^ Boo to this guy. Mega boo. Be more like this guy.

    Love what you're doing. Love all the products as well. :heart:
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    MRIGANKA New Member

    Never won a Razer Giveaway. Hope this will be my time
  17. SwiftyUS

    SwiftyUS New Member

    Thanks for the guide and the giveaway! Good luck everyone :)
  18. KiLLuiORRa

    KiLLuiORRa New Member

    Hoping To Win And Welcome RipSaw and Nintendo
    Goodluck to everyone
  19. Wern Jyet_no_id

    Wern Jyet_no_id New Member

    Had been following razer all this time and so surprise that it works together with one of my favorite game console, Nintendo Switch!!
    Really wish that I could win this!
    Your greatest fans of all time

    ASHKANIMOUS New Member

    I know me too
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