Guardian Classes

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Destrok, Oct 25, 2017.


What Class of Guardian do you play?

  1. Titan

  2. Hunter

  3. Warlock

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  1. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Hey Insiders, now that Destiny 2 is finally out on PC, something the first game always seemed like it was meant for, What classes do you all play? What kind of Guardians do we have here on Insider? Do you play multiple or just stick to one? Personally, Titan fits me to a T, so I have always just stuck with Titans. What is your preferred class and why?
  2. Fuzzybeard

    Fuzzybeard Active Member

    man need to get into destiny but to me unless you have a group of friends to consistently play with it's almost not worth it imo.
  3. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I originally was not going to buy it, but then a good friend of mine bought it, and said another friend of ours would be our final member of our fireteam. So it convinced me to get it. He and I will actually lan party it up on occasion, like tonight when I brought my desktop over, so I have been enjoying it so far, because as soon as I hit 20 I had a squad to power level with.
  4. SirJarren

    SirJarren Active Member

    I play a Titan exclusively. I like punching things an getting shields. I like the way the jump boost mechanic works. I cannot help sing the old Captain America cartoon theme song in my head when I activate my Sentinel Shield super ability. And Zavala is my hero.

    I basically play my titan much like how I used to play "Brick" in Borderlands. I die about as often too.
  5. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I was so excited to play a Hunter, but after creating all three classes and playing them for a while, it was the Warlock whose skills I actually fell in love with - I was actually quite shocked!

    I'm not sure I'd totally agree with this statement. Though, I think having friends to play with is better in virtually every game out there that has a multiplayer feature, regardless of the game. However, just like pretty much all of those you can still be grouped with strangers to do content like strikes, nightfalls, raids, etc and all of the story, patrols, "loot caves", side quests, etc are definitely things you can enjoy on your own. Not to mention there are public events where you can obtain some nice stuff but you never have to actually party up with the others helping you complete the objective and everyone who helps gets loot for it. So, I think you can still enjoy Destiny 2 on your own, but as with virtually every single multiplayer game out there, it's still more fun with at least one other friend.
  6. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I’ll try famale warlock, it has some cool magic right? Nice graphics on Blade 14 1080p very high setting, very playable. But unfortunately I’ve to go work now;)
  7. Female Awoken Hunter all the way! I felt like the default design of my character was pretty dope so I almost didn't change it. I kept Arcstrider for my sub-class so far and maxed it out - this electric baton is pretty badass. As for why, I guess it's all Cayde's fault again!

    So far, I don't think I've done enough with my main character to create another, but we'll talk about it again in 40 hours :D
  8. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I’m enjoying the game now. Hi @razer, is there any plan in the future to bring Chroma gaming mode since we have its pheriperals also like Overwatch? Elex has it btw.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
  9. Handbone43

    Handbone43 New Member

    Hunter is the way to go.
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