how to make open razer drivers to load properly with secure boot and dual boot ubuntu 19.04 & win10?

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by f1nf0x, Aug 20, 2019.

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  1. f1nf0x

    f1nf0x New Member

    I recently acquired a Razer Blade 15 advanced (early 2019 version) with RTX2070 GPU, 512GB SSD and 144Hz screen.

    I installed ubuntu 19.04 in dual boot with windows 10
    I had a battery drain issues with both OS but also instability, thermal issues, fan running like crazy, so I updated all drivers in windows 10, which seems to work and fix most issues.
    I installed open razer drivers for linux, it build properly but don't load properly because it's not signed and the secure boot don't accept it.

    As I'm a linux user most of my time, doing research and development in machine/deep learning, I really need to make this laptop to work properly with linux (ubuntu 19.04 at the moment)
    I'd like to know what's the best way to solve this and how to make it if I want to keep the secure boot?
    If not possible what is the risk in making Secure Boot disable?

    from what I've red I need to create a new MOK (Machine Owner Key) for the DKMS package and enroll it in my system's firmware.

    I found these instructions on ubuntu wiki:

    Manual method
    You may also opt to sign modules yourself. To make this simple, you can use the command:

    sudo update-secureboot-policy --new-key

    To create a new MOK key to use for signing, then run the appropriate kmodsign command to sign your kernel module. After the module is signed, run sudo update-secureboot-policy --enroll-key to step through the enrollment wizard, or do the enrollment yourself by running sudo mokutil --import <your key>.

    Do you confirm this is appropriate and could you precise these instructions in my case?

    thanks in advance for your advises and detailed instructions.
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