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I Want to purchase Razer Phone but...

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by anas.zagzoog, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. anas.zagzoog

    anas.zagzoog New Member

    I want to buy Razer Phone which I like, but
    I’ve came across lots of reviews, some are good but the rest are saying it has some software issues.
    They mentioned, camera is not performing well, fingerprint scanner isn’t working...
    Does anyone has experienced issues with Razer? Are the issues has been fixed yet? Any information helps me to decide if buy it or not.

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  2. Torombolo

    Torombolo Member

    The camaera has issues as they are software issues, there is an Google Camera Hack App that works with Non-Rooted devices the B-S-G camera which i have in my Razer phone and pictures look fantastic.

    for the finger print sensor ive noticed that if my finger is sweaty or wet it takes an extra try or 2 but if i wipe it, it works with 0 issues.

    700 USD aint cheap and less if like me you make about 100 usd per week, ive bought this phone with 0 regrets, the 8GB of RAM, the expandable storage, the 120hz display, the Godlike speakers are the key points that make me love the phone, the camera is ok, with the mod is Great, granted not perfect but great.

    im happy with my purchase.
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  3. anas.zagzoog

    anas.zagzoog New Member

    Thanks for replying... I’ll take what you said into consideration
  4. BlueSoapxr

    BlueSoapxr New Member

    Fingerprint scanner is fine. Works even when it's scratched.

    If you're a huge camera user then this might be a deal breaker, because the camera in the Razer Phone is nowhere as good as other flagships.

    Screen brightness is a problem.

    Software issues.. There will always be software issues. It's android.

    Overall still a damn good phone.
    I do not regret my purchase.
  5. KeezyDoesIt

    KeezyDoesIt New Member

    It is a real beast of a phone. The processor is pretty much top spec and with 8GB RAM you won’t have a problem running anything you throw at it. The speakers are simply unbelievable.. phenomenal. Same with the display.. pretty much bleeding edge right now. Big battery capacity too but it needs it for all this top gear.

    I don’t use the camera much as it isn’t my primary phone but Razer seems to be sending regular OTA software updates to improve it and other aspects of the phone. The Android 8 Oreo update coming this year will also keep the device current. Can’t say the same for many other manufacturers. Kudos to Razer for doing this.

    The finger print sensor works great for me. Super quick. Probably one of my favorite implementations.

    I have a few issues with it however such as not supporting exFAT with its microSD slot so you’re limited to 4GB file sizes. For a phone so geared towards multimedia, I think it’s a bit of an oversight but I think I’m in the minority here.. Hopefully this can be fixed later in a software update in the future.
  6. BananaZ94

    BananaZ94 Member

    This is the best phone ive used in all android phones as i am a gamer myself. Everything about it is spot on perfect for a gamer as i dont mind the camera. As long as it takes decent pictures, im ok with it.

    Min liang tan even said, you can get the razer phone or you can get other phones that are same with anywhere in the world =)
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