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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 12, 2016.

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  1. Saisho

    Saisho Member

    Only one item . The T&C clearly stated :
    This sale is only applicable to the RazerStore, and Sales Terms and Conditions apply:
    Each customer/shipping destination is allowed to place only one (1) order with a maximum of one (1) item.

    Please read the original post before you comment on the thread itself ...

    You cannot add multiple items and get sale on 1 . You can only add 1 item to the cart if you use the code .
  2. upFlatteryfirst953

    upFlatteryfirst953 New Member

    So I thought I would price check some items i'm interested in against my local retailers in AUS. Guess what everything I want is cheaper locally than from Razer direct. Have you put your prices up prior to announcing this sale or is your profit margin that high that you charge AUS$150 more than a local retailer for a Levethian. I can buy locally for $199 AUS or buy at a 50% discount from razerzone and pay $175 AUS. Where is the logic in this, puts me off Razer tbh.
  3. robinsad

    robinsad Active Member

    It would be nice for an official response to this but I believe you are only alloud one item in your basket when you order. Shame coz I would like to buy couple of other items (full price) to combine shipping.
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  4. Same for Alaska. Hey Razer, we're part of the US, too!
  5. I'm getting an "invalid code" error...
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  6. robinsad

    robinsad Active Member

    She has read the first post, that's why she is asking the question. Otherwise it would be assumed you could add multiple items whilst only getting one reduced. Expecting people to place two orders rather than allowing combined shipping is like pushing custom away and seems crazy, hence why people were looking for official clarification.
  7. Saisho

    Saisho Member

    The code is not available for use until tomorrow ... look at the original post by Razer and look at the countdown , the code will be available for use for the respective regions in their respective countdowns
  8. IonizedAndy

    IonizedAndy New Member

    is there any info on which Systems / models will be regarded as: Regarding systems, we hear you: due to popular demand, we're lining up limited-time offers on qualifying Razer Blade and Blade Pro systems. Keep a lookout for them.

    Nice to know if one should get ones hopes up or just forget about it :)
  9. Aaahahahahaaaa... I thought it started right now. But didn't see there was an additional day. Germany will start tomorrow...
  10. YatHIGH

    YatHIGH New Member

    El producto no llega a chile :slightly_sad: una pena para los fans de SA
  11. holyfiregirl

    holyfiregirl Member

    I did read the original post, i have read the 13 pages about this. But still no official answer. It bothers me that i have to buy a separate cable for the kraken mobile to work. But it bothers me even more when i have to pay double shipping cause i cant add more than 1 item to my chart. It also would really suck if my partner cant buy his own gear. I mean, i know we always say gamers dont have girlfriends / boyfriends. This is why XD Cause we cant both participate in the sale.
  12. strbal

    strbal New Member

    yeah :D new headphones soon :D
  13. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    It should depend on the stocks available - as far as I know the Razer Blade and Blade Pro models.
  14. Saisho

    Saisho Member

    I see . Then its a misunderstanding on my part , I apologise . But in my personal opinion , I think that their final decision is that you are not able to add ANY item into the cart , especially your android cable . I believe that the sale is only applicable for one item and ultimately if you buy the headset and then order another cable separately with shipping fee it would still be cheaper than paying for the full price of headset + cable , at least that would be part of their argument . I don't think the sale is made to accommodate everyone to their fullest . We should be appreciative of this sale Razer is proposing to us already . I suggest you make a separate thread seeking help and hopefully Razer would make an exception for all Kraken mobile buyers
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  15. IonizedAndy

    IonizedAndy New Member

    Okay so its the Models available in my region and in stock at the time of the sale ?, also do you know or are you allowed to say anything regarding if its the full 50% or just a "sale"
  16. holyfiregirl

    holyfiregirl Member

    Which part of the forum should i post about the kraken mobile and the android cable trouble i have due to the sale terms?
  17. LittleMissVi

    LittleMissVi Member

    OMG amazing!
  18. Saisho

    Saisho Member

    "General discussion" or "Audio" . Personally I would choose general discussion because "Audio" is less relevant to your issue and your issue is leaning towards a general inquiry and sparking discussion or something to that effect I guess
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  19. chengann

    chengann New Member

    I am sure this is asked some where. apologies if I am repeating. condition is for 1 item for 1 order.

    I would like the discount on 1 item, and another 1 at full price. reason? to qualify for free shipping. is this possible?
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