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League Or Dota? a Ongoing Debate

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by CelestialTree, Jan 11, 2015.


Would you Rather play League Dota or Other?

  1. League of Legents

  2. Dota1 Dota2

  3. Other (if other Specify :D)

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  1. Dota? please, you need to really upgrade the graphics b4 competing with LOL.
  2. Besides Blizzard charges you to play and LOL doesn't
  3. BeeDub1515

    BeeDub1515 New Member

  4. parkeasyDimGray895

    parkeasyDimGray895 New Member

    LoL All the way :3
  5. Olilowpants

    Olilowpants New Member

    I love the dota 2 graphics better than Lol...les cartoony
  6. Grotham39120

    Grotham39120 New Member

    League for sure
  7. Renzo92

    Renzo92 New Member

    Dota 2 because you don`t have to wait to buy the heroes like LOL does.
  8. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

  9. Tjtheman3

    Tjtheman3 New Member

    Most definately none of the above ive never liked mobas
  10. Qquan

    Qquan New Member

    Always heard that LoL is a place filled with vile members, I really wonder how bad it is
  11. rgmaster93

    rgmaster93 New Member

    Hahaha I totally get this argument, right guys?
  12. dankVinyl

    dankVinyl New Member

    Smite! :D
  13. jlichung

    jlichung New Member

    Tried playing Dota, but prefer League more.
  14. Thefrdream

    Thefrdream New Member

    I do not have tried Dota but I player lol for mode than a year and I loved it
  15. loadTuscanybit303

    loadTuscanybit303 New Member

    I can't really make an unbiased decision because I only play lol regularly but I have tried Dota before. I would chose lol anyday!!!
  16. AlmostMadHatter

    AlmostMadHatter New Member

    I play both. I started with League as my first MOBA. I LOVE a lot of things about Dota though. I even play Smite just as much as the other two. I think they are very different games all in the same genre, and have different ups and downs too.
  17. nsarma312

    nsarma312 New Member

  18. bikerfeykarla

    bikerfeykarla New Member

    I don't play either but interested in what you guys think of each one.
  19. Dota. I feel like in dota you can accomplish much more by yourself - e.g. you may win 1v2, or even 1v3 battles in dota; but in LoL I would say around 90% of the time the party with more members triumphs in a battle
  20. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I am amazed this isn't a massive flame war....
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