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Would you use a left handed mouse ?

  1. Yes, I'm left-handed

    2 vote(s)
  2. No, I'm left-handed but use my right hand

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  3. No, I'm right-handed

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  1. bobythebee

    bobythebee New Member

    Hello, first I'd want to thank Razer for building the Deathadder left handed edition, it changed my life and even with this device weaknesses I'm using it for almost 5 years.

    I'd really like to see a new mouse for left handed users happening, mine having most buttons not working anymore lmao.

    I was disappointed seeing the new deathadder elite not getting a left handed version, I tried several ambidextrous mouses and they all gave me pains, since I can't go anymore without extra buttons my choices are very limited, not to say only the good old deathadder do the job for me.

    This model have several weaknesses as I mentionned above but still I never found a more appropriate mouse for my use.

    If deathadder elite for left handed users would happen I'd really like to see some improvements

    -comfort grips on sides
    -better quality extra buttons (mine are now almost all broken after 5 years of intense use)
    -maybe one or two more customizable keys
    -better skates
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