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Discussion in 'Audio' started by awesomeRoseGoldpoint551, Dec 28, 2017.

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  1. Ok, so I got my Razer Man o War recently and when opening razer synapse and turning on mic monitor, i noticed that my mic quality is far better in mic monitor as opposed to discord calls and recordings i've done. Is there anything i could do to possibly make my mic quality as good as it sounds in mic monitor?
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    Just recieved mine today and noticed it when I started recording a video. I'm going to look into this but would love if there was a reply from Razer to this.
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    I might be completely wrong here but this is my hypothesis. I presume the Razer Mic Monitor function directly connects your microphone to the earcups on the headset since the sound didn't show up on my Voicemeeter Banana (will get into that in a sec) under desktop audio. That would explain the quality is very good compared to what the computer recieves. It would be quite logical that the short connection and prebuilt components that work together produce a good quality result.

    Now for how to fix the problem.
    (Keep in mind that I'm still learning here, have only started doing some research after my last post)
    First off, presuming you are using Windows, you should know that there are a few things you can do to improve the audio of ANY microphone. Bottom right, right-click the audio icon and hit "Recording Devices". Make sure the microphone you want to use is set as your Default Device. Right-click your device, hit "Properties" and select the "Levels" tab.
    In this tab Windows modifies the audio stream your computer recieves from your mic. DO NOT use the Windows "Microphone boost". If you want to boost your volume, read the next paragraph. For the "Microphone" volume slider: It might seem logical to leave it at 100, but that also deminishes your overall quality due to how microphones work. I have my volume (which is btw the same as the scrollwheel on your headset) at 15. I personally didn't hear noticable differences in volume levels between 100 and 30. You can use the listen function to check if you are satisfied with the volume level. In general it is better to boost your volume in software apps built for modifying audio like Discord. Balance those until you are satisfied.

    I mentioned Voicemeeter Banana before. This program helps to regulate all of the different internal audio channels in your computer. It is mainly used by streamers and people with multiple audio in- and/or outputs that need to work at the same time. However it also has a boatload of options to modify the audio streams that you pass through it. I won't get into setup, so I'll link the tutorial I used to set mine up for streaming purposes. It does a decent job of explaining why you pick what settings.

    Some things of note with Voicemeeter Banana: If you install it, you should use the program from that point on to do all of your audio balancing if you don't want any loss of quality. Also you should enable "System Tray (Run at Startup)" under menu. It won't pop up during startup, just nests itself in the tray and starts working it's magic.

    If anyone that reads this post has any questions, I recieve emails from all posts here, so feel free to ask them.
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