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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by DPM2018, Feb 7, 2018.

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  1. DPM2018

    DPM2018 New Member

    Hi all I'm new here and need some help, advice and maybe reassurance.
    My current contract with my mobile provider(Three Ireland) is due for renewal.
    I'm looking at the both the Razer phone and the Nokia 8.
    I really want the Razer phone but here's where i need help.

    Nokia, well HMD Global have promised monthly security updates and have stayed true as my wife has a Nokia 6 and gets them regularly.
    Judging by what I'm seeing on here, it's hit and miss if Razer will keep up with the security patches. What you guys think??

    The camera.....
    Will this ever get resolved???. I've two young kids and as you can imagine having a functional camera is a must.

    Further Android updates? I understand the Oreo update is scheduled but what about beyond that. Nokia have said each series will see at least two updates, Oreo and Android P(what ever the hell Google decides to call it)

    I've used the display model and it's really tempting but the issues are holding me back. The specs, screen and the audio are mind-blowing but I really need assurance etc in the above.

    Any thoughts??
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    WILDTHINGUK New Member

    i`ve had no issue with my razor mobile camera or any other problems at all..... i came from a iPhone 8 plus and at this moment in time i`m happy with razor.... i`ve got no plans going back to a iPhone at this moment in time.....
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  3. DPM2018

    DPM2018 New Member

    I'm now the owner of a new Razer Phone. It took me a while given all the issues I've read but no smartphone is by any means perfect. Well done Razer.
    The phone is a beast in every way.
    No waiting for anything except for webpages on 4G( I'm looking at you Three Ireland)
    Display, THX certified speakers, the fluidity of the screen is beyond belief. The power this phone has is incredible.

    I'm not sure why people are complaining about the camera. I've had no issues with it. Granted ive only had it 2 days but the snaps I've taken are great. 4K video is nice too but it's hard to see it unless it's played back on something bigger than its own screen.Looks incredible on my 55" LG.

    These are just my initial thoughts and I'm sure there maybe little issues that may crop up but nothing a little patch or update won't fix.

    It's Razer's first phone but I can honestly say its admirable what they've done.
    What I will say it's that they need to keep up the momentum and keep up with the security patches.

    As for me, I'm in awe. 'Nuff said
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  4. JungleBeast99

    JungleBeast99 Member

    I personally think the phone is important tool for communication nowadays that you cant afford to happen somehing with. You better trust some phone company and not gaming pheripherals company.
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  5. DPM2018

    DPM2018 New Member

    Point taken but I've never been a mainstream phone person. While everyone else are Sony or Apple or Samsung, I've tended to go for Motorola or Xiaomi and have never regretted it.
    Anyway look at Google themselves. Their phone attempt while not anything great, never did them any harm.
    I do understand where you are coming from but there is no harm in supporting other manufacturers either
  6. 7heVandal

    7heVandal New Member

    So far the only issue I've had is the update delay. The camera is solid and I've had no issues with it. I came from iPhone and I'll probably go back after this but that's just down to preference not to do with issues.

    I'll be getting away from three bill pay too. It's fucking pricey.
  7. Munsened

    Munsened New Member

    I think the camera problem is now mostly that hdr takes forever.
  8. DPM2018

    DPM2018 New Member

    True but I think it's something an update could sort out. Anyway there are alternative camera apps which can be used. Look, if you get decent photos in 90% of the time then that's fine.
    Be happy with what you've been given. The phones an animal in every other way.
  9. Generally the device is great in many categories but it lack support when it comes to stock image or software updates.
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  10. DPM2018

    DPM2018 New Member

    I agree with you in that Razer need get the security patches out quicker. Nokia release them monthly as my wife's Nokia 6 gets them.
    I don't understand why it takes so long and this is what concerns me. It won't do Razer any favours if they don't release patches or updates for months then you get one huge one which could end up breaking something else.
    Little but often is the key here.
    Look, i do know testing takes a while considering the different issues that crop up and what it takes to fix them but in the case of the HDR issue, how hard can that be?
    In terms of factory images, I'm not so sure releasing these is a priority. If a dev gets these, yeah sure it can help fix things, but do you not think it should be Razers job to this properly in the first place?
  11. Munsened

    Munsened New Member

    Totally agree. I was mostly replying to the person who asked why people are complaining about the camera saying that the slow her really is the only legit gripe at the moment. I actually use a third party app and the hdr is way faster so it's definitely software. I just hope that razer is working hard at optimizing camera for the Oreo update due out in the next month or so and that the stock camera app will then be on par or better than the third party apps.
  12. DPM2018

    DPM2018 New Member

    Well there's enough people moaning about it on here, gsmarena, xda developers, Reddit etc so Razer can't not overlook it.
    Anyway. I've just fitted a new WiFi system in a school in Dublin. They have new gigabit broadband from Vodafone and the speeds are sweet.
    1004 mbps down and 302 up. That's on.a LAN.
    On AC WiFi on my Razer, I'm getting 972 mbps down and 247 up.
  13. DPM2018

    DPM2018 New Member

    Where do you live? I'm paying €60 per month but its unlimited data, free three to three mobiles, unlimited three to three texts and 5gig of roaming data.
    All my family are on three so it makes sense to stick with them. Three's data coverage in Ireland is rubbish unless you are in major towns and cities. Speeds are rubbish too. I've never topped 20mbps with them but it's enough to do what I need.
    Anyway I've WiFi in most of my client sites so I'm not arsed with data.
  14. 7heVandal

    7heVandal New Member

    I'm in Waterford, chief. Speeds for data are great in the town which is where I am but out in the country its terrible. €60+ per month for unlimited etc.

    I'll go back to iPhone in a few months when I can buy out of the contract. Back to pay as you go. €20 a month for the same plan.
  15. DPM2018

    DPM2018 New Member

    Waterford, nice spot. Yeah I was prepay until a few years ago and it was great but i left my job and started working for myself and I was spending between 80 and 100 euro on credit each month so I went to billpay.
    I had a Vodafone handset I'm my last job and data speeds were great everywhere. Vodafone have trialled 5G in Dublin with speeds hitting over 15gig but that's overkill.

    Anyway as I said no bothered with data speeds. If I can send and receive email I'm happy.
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