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new razer blade stealth and core on WOW

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Matthew sword, Nov 2, 2016.

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  1. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    True, but I believe OP said he's played around with all the settings and the problem still persists.

    I've been reading another thread 'Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 Benchmarks' and there's a lot of discussion going on currently about it not running at the speeds it should. There's a lot of playing around with various settings but some people have had to get replacements which then run at proper speeds. Some suggestions are to make sure you have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and to ensure battery saving settings are turned off. This issue is a bit unique though and I'm concerned there might be a problem with the Core potentially. Either that or WoW is far more horribly optimised than I thought since it's graphical updates.
  2. OK guys just got my. Monitor hooked up and I'm still having the same issue... Low fps like 30.... Regardless of graphic settings. They can be ultra high or ultra low the fps stays the same. Razers support is a bunch of garbage so please if anyone knows anything let a brother kno!
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