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New rewards are up!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sleepyzz, May 11, 2016.

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  1. The 450 posts is going to take ages. I'm going to try to post daily to stack up those codes :)
  2. forevercrl

    forevercrl Active Member

    Old reward is get a Kraken Mobile - Red on 120 posts.
  3. highwaysx

    highwaysx Member

    120? not 250?! WHAT
  4. Scepticon

    Scepticon Member

    Didn't realise these existed, very nice!

    Don't understand why people are complaining about the number of posts required for stuff - you get free stuff simply for joining in with the Razer community, that's pretty neat!
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  5. DaanBlankie

    DaanBlankie Active Member

    How is the taipan as a mouse? i have the deathadder and I'm looking for a good back up
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  6. If you keep watching your post it will really look so slow. Just be active in the community. :)
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  7. forevercrl

    forevercrl Active Member

    Currently Kraken Mobile is 250 posts reward. But at the old reward (before 1st May), Kraken Mobile is on 120 posts reward.
  8. mike89conde

    mike89conde Member

    lol maybe I should have redeemed the code for the kraken mobile while I had the chance but I can't complain. the new set of rewards look interesting. I'm definitely happy about the beanie lol thanks razer
  9. colddevil324

    colddevil324 New Member

    Its a good way to keep an active community and keep a following with updating rewards. It also allows the expansion of a base
  10. forevercrl

    forevercrl Active Member

    Now you still have the chance to get Kraken Mobile. The reward is valid till 31st July 2016.
  11. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    Same here. I thought, nah, I don't really need that. Silly me. Now, I'm saving up my posts for it this time around.

    I kept thinking: there's nothing else from Razer that I need. Blasphemy. If I don't see anything that I want/need, I just need to keep looking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:

    Then, I run into posts about "bring ____ back" and "why is _____ out of stock?" and then I know, there are things I need. *nods*
  12. KoseKGames

    KoseKGames Member

    I think that's why most of us came here for the first time. I was excited when I found these achievements, but yesterday I ordered a new rig, so I'll just buy it with money.
  13. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    Great back up mouse, plus it is ambidextrous so if you have a friend that is a leftie come over that forgets his mouse he can use it.

    I thought I didn't need it, turns out I was correct, although it makes a nice table piece :D
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2016
  14. forevercrl

    forevercrl Active Member

    I already had 1 but I still get 1 more using posts reward :wink_:
  15. xGRaCe

    xGRaCe Member

    Exactly that!
  16. snuffhawk98

    snuffhawk98 New Member

    Ill take a free beanie
  17. Lorenzo.vD

    Lorenzo.vD New Member

    Still waiting for a keyboard reward! maybe at like 800 forum posts? or just maybe a bigger discount like 50%
  18. highwaysx

    highwaysx Member

    don't you think 50% off is too much?
  19. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    depends, there was a sale where everything was 50% off
  20. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    Quite right, not many people would have 800 posts, perhaps they should also restrict it to posts and likes? But, since they normally have a 50% CES Sale it wouldn't be overly unreasonable to have that as a reward as it is a one time thing every couple of months. Plus if used only with the account it is associated with there shouldn't be much abuse as realistically how many keyboards would one need?
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