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[NOV2016] What's In Your Bag - Razer CEO Edition

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Nov 4, 2016.

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  1. soulistus

    soulistus New Member

    Secure my Digital content

    nice lol
  2. rode_leeuw

    rode_leeuw Active Member

    Happy birthday,

    What is your favorite and least favorite razer product. Bonus what is your favorite and least favorite product from every gaming brand?

    RRRAZER New Member


    Happy early birthday, a big thanks from all the Razer fans for doing what you do. The big question remains... what is your favorite E-Sport to watch and/or play? I think most of us watch or play them, so I'd be cool to see what the boss himself likes!
  4. francybenin

    francybenin New Member

    Happy BDay!
    What's your favourite blade features?
    The backpack is sick tho!
  5. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    That's one sick looking new bag, I hope they will release it soon
    The 39% off gear code it really nice, now I just wish there would be any hoodies which are not sold out^^

    My question would be : Where do you see Razer in 5/10 years?
  6. ArjoC

    ArjoC Member

    Happy Birthday Chief Min!
    Another innovative year for razer! Lets smashed those starbucks laptop to the ground! :) since your birthday is nov.5
    Here are my 5 questions for you :)
    1) what products do use in your hair?
    2) what do you do when your not working ( meaning not gaming) ?
    3) do you have a pet?
    4) what is it like to be the ceo of razer?
    5) can give me gift for my birthday on the 15th of nov.? :)

    Happy birthday Chief! A fan here from Philippines! :)
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  7. MilesWhitaker

    MilesWhitaker New Member

    Happy Birthday, Chief Min!

    What is your favorite game to play right now?
  8. rendogfanyeah99

    rendogfanyeah99 New Member

    Happy Birthday Min!
  9. FelWill_no_id

    FelWill_no_id New Member

    Happy birthday, my question is do you hate me for typing this on my new macbook?
  10. _AdamFTW_

    _AdamFTW_ New Member

    Happy early birthday! What music do you like to listen to on those Razer Hammerheads?
  11. skarrambo

    skarrambo New Member

    My question: Where's your SD card Reader?
  12. LuanHuynh

    LuanHuynh Member

    How much value cost for the THS PLUSHIE pillow ??? I want it so bad:eek_::eek_:
    And happy birthday to Min- Liang Tan.
  13. zidane2

    zidane2 Member

    Happy birthday!
    My question would be: what have you accomplished and what would be your goals for the future in razer?
  14. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Oh Razer... This is why I love you... :heart:

    First of all, Happy Birthday Min :relaxed:

    Min, WHY do you keep using the Phillips Twin-Eye sensor in your mice? We all know that the DeathAdder sensor is perfect, so why put the inferior sensor, and than have your mice be announced as worse than Logitech's :frown_: That's why I'm sceptical about buying this mouse.

    You could just keep using the DA sensor and have the best mice in the world, but you keep doing this.

    Also, why have such stupid design flaws in ManO'War headset? The headband is being held by tiny plastic peaces and they break in a very short time. That has held me off from from buying it at this moment.

    Everyone says it has amazing connectivity, sound, mic, comfort, but you have to screw it up by such a stupid mistake. You could just have more stronger pieces holding the headband, thus not increasing the weight by much. I would opt for a Forged Edition having the top part made of brushed black aluminum and with it having stronger durability.

    All together, could you please look into this thread personally?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2016
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  15. tolebelon

    tolebelon New Member

    Happy Birthday to the Chief!

    My question is, what would your advice be to graduates and professionals in finding a good job and becoming a good leader?
  16. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    Happy birthday!
    my question is:
    Wath you think about Italy, any visit planned?
  17. Zotios

    Zotios Member

    Happy B day
  18. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member


    reloader-1 has already asked my question which was going to be about whether Razer is working on a 'Surface Book for gamers' ie the ultimate ultrabook/tablet hybrid.

    So I'll ask something else.

    I haven't noticed a wedding band on Min's hands (surely because it would get in the way of gaming). You will soon be 39 years old. Is there a special someone you plan to elope with any time soon :ring:?

    39% off for 39 years of age is awesome. I can't wait until you turn 90. Happy Birthday!
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  19. Happy birthday to the lord of green conjoint sneks
  20. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member


    I'll take any chance I can get to bug you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

    What is something new (or less done) that the community can do to help Razer out?
    That is, aside from existing (and sacrificing first born children)...
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