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Poweroff after boot on Blade Stealth Late 2019 GTX FHD

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by Metatron2k2, May 10, 2020.

  1. Metatron2k2

    Metatron2k2 New Member

    Hi all,
    I hope you can help me on figuring out what is going on. I'm trying to install Linux on my Late 2019 Blade Stealth.

    When I boot via Live-USB (tryed on Archlive, Manjaro, Kubuntu) the system starts booting. After systemd starts a lot of services fine it begins shutting down again and powering off. Same thing happens on all three tried live USBs. I also tried different brands of USB sticks.

    Of course there is also no log of the boot, as there is no persistent storage at this point. My best guess is that some speciality of the hardware makes linux think it should shut down via acpi event.

    Any idea on trying to find the problem would be highly apreciated.

  2. Metatron2k2

    Metatron2k2 New Member

    Short update. I managed to record the output. Actually it is tripping a thermal shutdown during boot.
    thermal_zone1 is reporting 198C. It is always the same temp und the notebook itself is running just fine in windows. Hmon also does not show any weird temps.
  3. rnd_ash

    rnd_ash New Member

    That is normal. Its due to a faulty implementation of the thermal sensors driver within Linux

    Plus, if the machine runs fine under Windows, then thermal issues are not your problem.

    Can you share the full output during boot?
  4. Metatron2k2

    Metatron2k2 New Member

    Hi Ash,
    sorry I can not provide any further info on the issue. Everythin was running through to fast (i could only see on slowmo video at all).
    I did exchange it for a new one through Amazon. On the new one the issue is not there. I also believe the fans are spinning up less in Windows.
    Both were an identical model and even had the same production month. Therefore I believe it was an isulated issue.
  5. judgedeath2

    judgedeath2 New Member

    Just got my Late 2019 Stealth. Try the latest Linux Mint beta (LM 20), working quite well on mine.
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