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PSA: So I've now returned 2 Razer mice but not because they were broken

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by misterg36, Sep 13, 2018.

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  1. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    First I ordered the Razer Mamba - probably the most beautiful mouse I've ever seen
    But sent it back as I didn't realise there is no "small|" wireless adapter - in case you didn't know the whole charging dock IS the wireless "dongle"
    As I wanted to take it between work and home (and with my razer blade when it arrives) - this was totally unusable for me.

    So I ordered the Lancehead wireless mouse - Nor as pretty as the mamba for me, but has a portable dongle
    All was perfect for the first day. On day 2 I left the charging cord at home and used it at work.
    When the battery ran out after 4 or so hours I went to charge it with a micro USB cable and ... it doesn't fit
    And even if you cut the sides off, the bottom of the cable isn't flat enough so it fails.

    No problem I thought, I will buy another cable for work and another for my bag - sure it will have a Razer tax, so maybe £10 each?

    Actually no, you can't buy a replacement cable at all (except for £20 on ebay!!)

    So for both mice £100+, they become a useless lump of plastic if you ever loose/damage the ONE charging cable you get given.

    If the gap for the usb cable was 4mm wider and 2mm higher these mice would be fine. So for me, no Razer mouse and without a full set, nothing is pulling me for a keyboard now either.

    So Razer, either get your accessories sorted or make it so all wireless mice can be charged with a "normal" usb cable (without it requiring surgery)

    Back to Logitech for me - I shall miss those lovely LEDs and those shapes! and all because you don't sell a usb charging cable
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