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How important is chroma lighting being synced across devices and do you care about your keyboard, mo

  1. I want my devices synced and love when a game uses chroma apps

  2. I want my devices color synced, dont really care about the use of chroma apps for games.

  3. I dont care about the colors being synced, as long as the game im playing supports chroma apps.

  4. I dont care about either of these.

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  1. FLA5H

    FLA5H New Member

    So I bought the Basilisk mouse the other day. I had been waiting for Razer to come out with a mouse that had a dedicated DPI clutch. So far i have liked the hardware of the mouse. Using it to play Overwatch and other games. What I have run into an issue with is the software and there is not a ton of info on this on the web. This mouse can only be customized via Synapse 3 beta software, it is not compatible and will not show up in synapse 2. While this doesnt seem like a big deal, this unfortunately means you cannot sync lighting with your other razer devices unless synapse 3 supports them.

    For example, I have a Black widow X gunmetal edition (not supported by synapse 3) I can change both of them to color cycling, but the button to "set color cycling for all other devices" does nothing in synapse 2 and is grayed out in synapse 3. This leaves these two devices on different colors the entire time they are cycling. I'm not a fan of a single color while not in a game so the way i have had to get around this is to use the "starlight" mode instead. This way at least they look somewhat synced since the colors come up at random.

    In addition to this, it seems chroma apps are either not enabled by default (i haven't found an option in synapse 3. I didnt have to do anything with synapse 2) or are not working on synapse 3. Jumping into a game of Overwatch, my keyboard will pick up the custom colors depending on the hero, but my Basilisk will not.

    So word of warning for anyone wanting to pick up the basilisk, as long as you dont care about your lighting being synced across devices, you will enjoy a well built, ergonomic, right handed mouse with a fantastic implementation of the DPI clutch. But unless that DPI clutch is the most important thing for you, i would hold off on getting the basilisk until more devices become compatible with synapse 3. Other options, like the razer lancehead for example, are compatible with synapse 3, but will happily work with synapse 2 and be able to sync lighting with other razer products.

    If you guys have any other questions about chroma lighting and the basilisk feel free to ask. Also, if i missed something with chroma apps in synapse 3, feel free to let me know. I haven't had the time to extensively go through the Synapse 3 Beta yet. These are just my initial findings

    So my question now would be, how important is chroma lighting being synced across devices and do you care about your keyboard, mouse, etc working with chroma apps?

    **At the time of writing, the supported devices for Synapse 3 are Tararus V2, BlackWidow Chroma V2, the Cynosa and Cynosa Pro, Lancehead (wireless), Lancehead (list says "black" but razer support said all lancehead models are compatible), basilisk, Atheris, the Base Station Chroma, Chroma hardware developer kit, the Naga Trinity, and the Firefly mouse mat. **
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  2. LetoDaleko

    LetoDaleko New Member

    True story, have the same problem, using Blackwidow X and Basilisk, have to run synapse 2 and synapse 3 simultaniously to make it work.
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    TheRPLACMNT New Member

    I am having the same issue! If I reset my computer it works until I turn on my blizzard app :slightly_sad:
  4. michalj82

    michalj82 Member

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