Razer Blade 2018 Wishlist

Discussion in 'Systems' started by fritzasuro, Nov 21, 2017.


Do you agree with me with my wishlist for the new Razer Blade?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. Some of it.

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  1. ascarx

    ascarx New Member

    I agree with some of it. But what I really hope for is:
    • Next gen GTX 2060. Good enough performance and not so hard on battery/heat
    • Next gen i7 intel not affected by Spectre/Meltdown performance slowdown
    • Thinner bezels for more screen size
    • No mechanical keys (hate the extra pressure and sound for productive use and and in addition to gaming this is a great laptop for software/game developmet)
    • 1080p option is a must.
    • 32GB ram would be great
    • Infrared camera for Windows Hello (this is so convenient on the Microsoft surface)
    • SSD raid 0 as in the razer blade pro would be cool
  2. buzzTaupedepot199

    buzzTaupedepot199 New Member

    If they could work in a 1080 maxq and keep it quiet, I'd be thrilled

    Also, I'd really love to see higher refresh rate prioritized over 4k. The monitor's small as it is, 4k is kind of unnecessary. Hitting 144hz at 1080p, or even better, 1440p would be fantastic.
  3. letto_0155

    letto_0155 Member

    My wish: For it to actually come out!!!! WHERE IS IT ALREADY!??
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  4. Xilue

    Xilue New Member

    My wish :
    - Thin bezel 15" screen in the same 14" body (if it fits)
    - 1080p 120Hz/144Hz screen or 1440p 120Hz option
    - 1070 Max-Q or new gen GPU GTX2060 (but still not released... so long wait)
    - 8th gen i7, 6 cores
    - At least 2 Thunderbolt ports
    - Gunmetal option
    - A good cooler system (vapor chamber?) without noise

    TTERRORS34 New Member

    I think that the new blade could have the Kiyo instead of corner lights implemented. Also, i think it is good to use an i5 instead of an i7 because you don't really need extreme rendering tasks. Also, they need to make it apply to mainstream a bit more an keep cost down. But I strongly agree with the low profile mechanical keyboard.:big_grin_:
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  6. Hironii

    Hironii New Member

    Most people use it for gaming / rendering 3D / programmation I am not sure a i5 is good enough. After yes I agree with the cost down, like 200€ less should be good
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  7. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    After using my GF's new Blade Stealth I bought her... I have to say having an even thinner chassis is incredible. I was already happy with the size of my Blade 2017 but man the Stealth is just so perfect I'm praying Raze thins out the next Blade at least a little.
  8. quas0r

    quas0r New Member

    You mean to say you bought your GF after you used her Blade Stealth? LOL
    I agree, the bezel is a major turn off. Also the maxQ would be so much better.
    Just a 8th gen i7, thinner bezel, LIT up Fn keys should make Razer do soo much better on the sales graph.
    Also, a charger adapter that is actually higher voltage than the laptop unlike the Razer Blade Pro
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  9. Panaman

    Panaman New Member

    - Ryzen 7 or Ryzen 5 APU (shaking it up with team red), realistically i7 gen 8
    - 15'' inch screen NO TOUCH SCREEN (same body is nice but if wider is needed, not TOO much)
    - 1080p/ 1440p at 120hz (4K at that screen size is overkill, and I think most people prefer refresh rate than more pixels)
    - GTX 1070 MAXQ or equivalent Vega
    - BETTER FANS and cooling system
    - 16 GB ram (32 is overkill IMO for the package and would make expensive price MUCH higher)
    - At least 2 USB-C ports with one being Thunderbolt
    - All USB ports on USB 3.2 specification
    - Bigger battery (something at or above 72 Wh) PS. cant WAIT for next gen battery research to improve and yield results
    - Better trackpad. Not a common request, but just something I would love to see
    - OFFICIAL LINUX SUPPORT PLEASE! / option to buy "clean" aka no windows install so as to reduce price for people who don't want it (Razer CEO tweeted about this, would love to hear some follow up on it)
  10. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    I honestly do not want a Blade refresh until Volta. There is really no good reason to drop a 1070MaxQ in there... waiting for the new line of GPU's will yield way better performance.
  11. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Prepare your money;), I’ve feeling that this year they will come also with two versions, early with max q and late with Ampere(Volta). Since after CES Razer is quite silent with a new gears I think they are preparing something big for Systems Update.
    Personally don’t like red gaming color, so I go with blue/black stickers intel i7 6 cores gen 8. About the screen and ports they can change it as they want, but I’m hoping still for lighter portable gaming laptops, so reforming the cassis like MacBook Pro 13 made on 2016 model is nice...but keep the traditional io ports like HDMI and audio etc port;)
    No, on current cassis 15 won’t fit, and putting 15 only brings heavier body, like wrote above I’m prefer smaller cassis with 14" screen still under 2kg for portability. Nowadays I’m agree with 120Hz on 1080p it’s also nice to have 1440p 120Hz options as long it’s still on the price ranges;)
    Next gen GPU, we have to be patient;) And more performance could equal to more heat and kill more battery on Blade 14 form factor...it’s quite big challenge for them, so current keyboard is for me also the best over mechanical one for saving more internal room for other components, and SSD RAID 0 also take a space on this laptops size imo. I’m hoping only that they could manage quick start by adding like windows hallo or finger touch sensor...and maybe costumize-able backlight logo like on firefly hard to synced with keyboard lightning;) I think it’s been talked a year before.
  12. fritzasuro

    fritzasuro Active Member

    I just can't wait. I need a new Razer Blade now and I don't want to regret buying the current model then be surprised by a new one being announced.
  13. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes agree, current model is already near on its cycle. Get one with decent discount like Amazon recently dropping to $1600 in US for 512 FHD or in Amazon DE for €2099 4K one which are around €500 off isn’t also bad idea imo since Intel and nvidia still doesn’t have any real information about the next gen for Blade 14 class anyway, maybe Razer will bring first design renewal with better cooling system, but such renewal usually bring better durability than adopting new released GPU that has more performance than its previous models.
  14. labotsirc

    labotsirc Active Member

    Agree with all except for the infrared camera. I would actually prefer no camera in favor of uniform thin bezels in all sides.
  15. Danzle1991

    Danzle1991 New Member

    A clip-on camera like on the essential phone would be a much better choice for those that actually use webcams, instead of those dreadfull sub-smartphone cams.

    I'd like to see a lite version with a i7 8550U and a 1060 Max-Q. The issue i see with the 1080 Max-Q is the heat. If you check laptops with Max-Q cards, they are A) hot and slow, B) fast and loud or C) "Optimized" aka. V-Synch abominations.

    Regarding the i7 8550U, using it with ctdp up, you get a lot more performance out of it and a bigger thermal headroom like in the RB14 would actually support it 100%
  16. fritzasuro

    fritzasuro Active Member

    I guess New Razer Blade is about to be release soon. There's this pattern when Razer starts selling the current laptops for less and see Amazon running out of stock.
    I hope they will announce something soon!
  17. VorpentFury105

    VorpentFury105 New Member

    Same, hopefully they will include a similar feature like the ROG Zephyrus M GM501. It has a switchable display adapter. Imagine using G-sync when gaming and optimus when on the go.
  18. fritzasuro

    fritzasuro Active Member

    I'm so excited what Razer has to offer. Hopefully everything would be good! With the latest release of Core i9 laptops, I was surprised Razer didn't announced anything.
  19. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes I can imagine it, it’s great but not with 55Wh battery, it’s useless using optimus...well maybe better than previous one from 30 minutes gaming time to 1 hours, maybe...thanks to optimus technology;)
  20. fritzasuro

    fritzasuro Active Member

    Close enough lol :D
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