Razer Core Owners - Which GPU do you use?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Stormborn20, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. Stormborn20

    Stormborn20 New Member


    I just bought my Razer core and I read here that some GPU does not fit the CORE.
    I want to know which GPUs have been tested to fit and work with the CORE. Thanks!
  2. instinctive

    instinctive New Member

    EVGA FTX 1070, just use caution and hold the power connectors down as they squeeze past the latch :)
  3. chhappy7

    chhappy7 Member

    EVGA GTX 1070 FE
  4. GTX 980 reference

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  5. vetuu

    vetuu Member

    Titan X (pascal), works perfectly.
  6. Stormborn20

    Stormborn20 New Member

    Thanks for your inputs guys! I think I will go with the EVGA GTX1070 FTW
  7. Benj1e

    Benj1e New Member

    Geforce GTX 1060. Fits and runs great for me.
  8. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    Galax GTX 1070 Founders Edition. Plenty of space to spare
  9. Stormborn20

    Stormborn20 New Member

    Founder's edition does have the same size for all gpu makers or not?.

    I'm here in Thailand and I don't see any FE version for sale here :slightly_sad:
  10. AmazingSpanoMan

    AmazingSpanoMan Active Member

    Right now I'm sporting a MSI Gaming X 970. Works good for 1080 Gaming. Looking at either a 1080 Gaming X or 1070. Not sure but I may want to upgrade to 1440 gaming. Only issue I'm finding is that the fans tend to spool up for a second randomly every 10 to 15 seconds or so then shut off. The fans aren't supposed to turn on until the card hits 60C but just at idle it is nowhere near that but the fans do that little spool up. Odd behavior if you ask me.
  11. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    Yes all FE should be the same size and clock etc.
  12. Stormborn20

    Stormborn20 New Member

    I've researched on which GPU is below the suggested size of GPU for Razer core and all mostly fit. However, I see the power requirement for GPU such asGeForce® GTX 1070 G1 Gaming 8G is 500W?. Will the core be able to handle it?
  13. AmazingSpanoMan

    AmazingSpanoMan Active Member

    Wow! 500 watts that's crazy. I thought these chips were supposed to be power sipping GPUs. I think the core is 350 watts
  14. Stormborn20

    Stormborn20 New Member

    I was wrong actually, it was the suggested PSU power capacity not the requirement of the GPU.

    Thank you guys! I already bought a GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GTX1070 to fit my Razer Core.
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  15. mcl911

    mcl911 New Member

    Anyone use gym 1050ti?

    Update: got the 1060 3gb, now just need to wait the core arrive
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2016
  16. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    Fury Nano :big_grin_:
  17. directtruckFlirt376

    directtruckFlirt376 New Member

    Anyone tried an AMD 7970? Basically a rebranded 280X which is supposedly supported.
  18. AmazingSpanoMan

    AmazingSpanoMan Active Member

    OK So here is a gas.

    decided to sell off my 970 Blade 2016 and get the 1060. Took a little bit of a hit but not so much that it wasn't worth the swap, especially since I really like the FHD over the QHD+ and have no use for a touch screen on a laptop that doesn't go into tablet mode.

    Anyway, I always do, at least, the heaven benchmark both with the laptop graphics and the core with a MSI 970 Gaming edition with OC from MSI.

    I'm finding that the score from the new 1060 is blowing the core with a 970 away. Not surprising really. I'm not sure what the score would be with a 1080 in the core and if it would be enough of a jump (since the core degrades performance around 10-15% from a stand alone desktop PC) to be worth the purchase. At this point I could sell the core and add that to the money for a new card and rebuild or even build from scratch a dedicated desktop and keep the Blade strictly for travel and away from home gaming/editing etc.

    Thoughts? The intro of the 1060 Blade may have killed, for some, the reason to get a core. I guess it was always geared towards those with a Razer Blade Stealth.
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  19. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    Exactly, the core was designed especially for the RBS. Using the core with a RB (1060) you would at least have to buy a 1080 class GPU to benefit from more performance compared to the dedicated 1060. For that price you could build a nice desktop, if you have some space for that.
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  20. AmazingSpanoMan

    AmazingSpanoMan Active Member

    I agree. It was worth it at the time I got the 970m version but with this new card. it really isn't
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