Razer cortex not detecting installed steam games because they are on a different drive partition

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by IproZ, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. IproZGamer

    IproZGamer New Member

    So I have a HDD split up into 2 partitions 1 windows and 1 for games and such. Steam installed on the windows partition and steam games are installed on the other partition. When I connected my steam account to cortex all games showed up but instead of play it says install. Can this issue be fixed?
    Same for ALL games
    Gif of the issue: https://gyazo.com/13da1547fa874632e050d1979ad589b1
  2. Mr.Own

    Mr.Own New Member

    I would recommend not having your partitions set up like that. All games to be able to play with cortex have to be installed on the same partition.
  3. lordwhaleman

    lordwhaleman New Member

    If you add the game manually, will the "install" button go away? I know the games I've hidden in steam (old versions with free masters and such) showed up as installable in Cortex (just had to hide them there as well), but almost all other steam games work as they should, despite being installed on two different drives (an SSD from some, a HDD for most) than the OS, Steam and Cortex. These are physical drives though, maybe Cortex has a problem with a partitioned drive. Cortex automatically found most of 400+ games divided over these two drives and split between GOG, Steam, uplay and Origin. From steam I think I only had to add the two bioshock remasters manually :/
  4. Hazerdous

    Hazerdous Member

    I have my games on a separate hard drive, and Cortex detects them and can run them just fine.
    The second partition is another drive letter (like D:\ E:\ F:\ etc.) and you added the folder as a Steam Library Folder, correct?

    Try clicking the refresh (circle arrow) button at the top of your Cortex library, see if that re-syncs the games.
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