Razer Green Switch vs. Orange Switch

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Fraz007, Jun 9, 2015.

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  1. CORALfastAmazon854

    CORALfastAmazon854 New Member

    I have have been looking into buying the new razer black widow 2014. (I currently have the black widow ultimate with the Cherry MX blue switches.)
    but I just don't know which switch to buy because I never felt the orange switch or the Cherry MX red.

    I think the actuation force of the cherry mx blue combined with the tactile feel might hinder my gameplay. but I really like the sound it makes and the sound lets me know that I have pressed the key.
    but from what I heard that the cherry mx blue is not that great for gaming, because of the actuation force and the tactile feel, and I heard that it is not that great for double tapping (which is very important in StarCraft II)
    What should I get?
  2. Razer|Alentra_xf_rzr

    Razer|Alentra_xf_rzr Well-Known Member

    Both the Razer Green and Orange switches actuate at a 1.9mm point with a 0.4mm tolerance level.

    However, the Razer green switches have a 0.4mm delta (distance between the point where the key registers and the point where the key resets). This delta is optimized to ensure crisp clicky tactile feedback while allowing double tapping. The Razer Green Switch also gives you a lovely click when pressed.

    The Razer Orange switch has a 0.05mm delta. This means that the reset and actuation points are very close to each other, which allows keys to be registered even quicker while giving a more silent and stealthy click. Both these switches are great for double tapping.

    You can learn more about Razer Mechanical Switches here: http://www.razerzone.com/razer-mechanical-switches
  3. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    I just visited my local pc store and try all switches (blue, red, black, brown, green and orange). In my opinion, green is very close to blue except the delta is less. Orange is very close to red, silent and soft and very little effort to register a key.

    I really like bw chroma but my family can't deal with the clicky sound. I am using Logitech g710+ now and love the brown cherry with damper. I might switch to bw chroma stealth one day but i am still not sold on the orange switches. Decision decision decision!
  4. February_

    February_ Member

    You can always go for bw chroma stealth + keyboard enhancement kit for ultra-silence. Thinking of doing the same since my family don't love the clicky sound either and it kinda ruins voice comms (altho the kraken mic is very good at not picking that fuzz up).
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  5. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    I look at youtube and the enhancement kit does help with the sound. Basicly is the same damper that is preinstall on the logitech G710+. Too bad i just learn about it now. There weree crazy local sale where i can get Chroma keyboard for 60% off. Next time! Thx man
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