Razer Keyboards and mice change in-game

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by ReyesHatrinak, Aug 2, 2022.

  1. ReyesHatrinak

    ReyesHatrinak New Member

    I got a razer huntsman tournament edition recently as long as a DeathAdder elite. I got bored and decided to play some Terraria, as I hadn't for a while. Once Terarria booted up, my keyboard changed from the rainbow wave pattern to green and brown and stayed like that as I loaded in. It also changes colors in different biomes, it turned purple in the corruption and teal/green in the jungle, I assume there's also colors for other biomes.
  2. Samuel3152

    Samuel3152 New Member

    Gaming Mode is a function that can be activated on your Razer device that optimizes its performance for gaming. It also prevents accidental usage of specific keys when pressed unintentionally if enabled on Razer keyboards or laptops. Most gamers enable this mode to maximize the effect of anti-ghosting and boost hardware performance for a better overall gaming experience. ePayitonline
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