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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Haltus Kain, Nov 14, 2014.


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  1. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    There's been a push toward this Chroma thing lately, and it's great for the folks who enjoy the flashy colors. Me personally, I couldn't care less about my device's "bling" factor, and I'm hoping there are a noteworthy amount of others in agreement, so I'd like to instigate a push to the other direction: the same kick-ass equipment, but without the bells and whistles.


    Like Chroma, Min is not a product, but a theme. Short for "Minimalist" and a nod to CEO @Min-Liang Tan 's name and signature black style.

    Gone is the rainbow aesthetic of Chroma; and other features included solely for the aesthetic. LED's will instead go back to Razer's classic green, and really only present to indicate whether or not a device is on; to that endeavor, one LED per device should be plenty.


    Well, other than not wanting our device to look like a Skittles commercial, the Min edition would come with two advantages:

    1 - Performance
    Fewer LED's and hardware to control the LED's means more battery life. Fewer parts in general means less chance something will break.

    2 - Cost
    I don't know how much of an impact Chroma technology makes on a device's price tag, but it can't be free. Part of the Min target audience will be folks who are a bit tight on cash, and may find some of Razer's products prohibitively expensive. Cutting out the frills to offer a less expensive but ultimately just as capable device would make Razer's products appealing to a larger than current pool, meaning more sales for Razer; and more gamers able to enjoy Razer's quality products. Win win.

    Note - the goal here isn't to replace Chroma; but for products to be released in multiple editions, to include Chroma and Min. It would be up to the individual to decide which they prefer.

    So come on over to the dark side! #PaintItBlack
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  2. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Well, we already have a 'Min' Edition - his line of all-black peripherals that bear his signature :D[​IMG]

    Sometimes, I look at all these suggestions, and think to myself that, these people got to be careful of what they wish for...
  3. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Yup, I think this is an EXCELLENT idea. I love the sleek look of my Razer gear, and do believe the Chroma edition stuff would pop out too much on my desktop. Although, just an idea to add on... perhaps make it "modular"? If I wanted say my Deathadder to be Chroma-y, I would pop off the cover, and switch an LED, and if I wanted a minimalist design, I either just take the LED out completely, or swap it with something else. As for keyboard, perhaps have a plate that rests underneath the keycaps (and has holes to accommodate for the key switches) that can be swapped? This way people can order the base version (cheaper), and then order parts (LEDs, plates, etc), to add onto the base version.

    @Razer|Technokat I have yet to see a "Min" Edition keyboard...?
  4. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member


    I don't mean Min-Liang Tan's actual gear - but simply a minimalist theme for the sake of boosting performance and reducing the price.

    If you already have an edition called "Min" I may have chosen a poor title for this thread. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    ...looking at the mice and keyboard pages, I'm not seeing any Min products though...?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2014
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  5. -Oris-

    -Oris- Member

    Overall, this is something that I would fully support. I love the fact that I have neon lights emanating from all of my gear and being able to match them all to be the same is great. However, I am also a college student so if there is any sort of decent price difference between a standard "Min" edition as Haltus suggests and the chroma I would definitely go for the "Min" edition to save a bit of cash. Besides, the traditional Razer green is a fantastic in itself!
  6. AntiMingersElite_xf_rzr

    AntiMingersElite_xf_rzr Active Member

    Same I couldn't care less for the flashy lights, I want it to be simple, but good. `Like the standard black widow. Thats pretty awesome ^^
  7. TigerStripedDragon

    TigerStripedDragon Active Member

    I like the Chroma features, but if we're talking about a more minimalist budget friendly line then sign me up.
  8. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I'm all for the chroma, add I've said a few other times I love "decorating"my peripherals for holidays. I'll do a nice wallpaper and a matching colored keyboard. :)

    However, if a minimalist edition could get the same performance at a lower cost to more people, then I'm all for it.
  9. lifeautoCrimson336

    lifeautoCrimson336 Active Member

    I would have side with the chroma because.
    1. It doesn't have to be flashy and would be a nice piece of hardware.
    2. You do bot have to have all the LEDs lit
    3. Personally I would have the reactive touch with the blue color that's preset and green like normal Razer products.
  10. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    While this is true, why pay for the hardware if you're not going to use it?

    I think of Chroma as kind of a luxury feature... imagine going into a car dealership and being shown a luxury car. If you have the cash and want the fluff - done deal. If you don't want to pay for all the extra stuff, you might ask "Can I get that without the built-in DvD player, leather seats, etc?" ...and the salesman says "Well no, but you don't have to actually use those features!" ...wouldn't that be kind of weird?

    I just want the option to be a cheap ass. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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