Razer Phone now in Gold Edition

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  1. It's a first phone from Razer and it looks promising. Hopefully, 3rd party companies with backup Razer. Currently there's only one case for phone and no tempered glass protector at all for the phone! And the case I found in this link doesn't look all that good.

    Does Razer have their official case for the phone or not?
  2. SirBastos

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    looking good, for the price !
  3. SeaGreenventureradio833

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    Cases are now on Razers site, all listed as out of stock but at least you can see em

    Personally dont see the point in cases unless u work on a building site. Just makes the phone look and feel ugly and defeats the point of having a slick phone.
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  4. ellectriknight

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    AndroidCentral full video review:

  5. Hucast

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    I guess that one person is giving his honest take. He loved the speakers which is a good thing. He's killing the size, but what does he expect? It's a gaming phone. He's whining about the scratches but you buy a case to protect it from scratches, doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I like how he praises the screen at first then kills it, make up your mind dude. Which is it?

    This guy does a lot of whining. Crying about the dongle, the screen "in the sun", killing the camera a lot, mid range this, camera app that, picture image wah, wah, wah. He shoulda seen the cameras and the pictures when I was a kid.

    At least he gives the battery some love...

    Ya, me personally, I wouldn't listen to that guy. I'd look for more reviews.
  6. ellectriknight

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    I mean he did rag on it, but it's not like some of his points didn't have validity.

    • You do expect a high-end phone to have better outdoor visibility, especially for mobile games.
    • The scratches of the phone definitely were nitpicky.
    • The dongle, I think that was a bit unnecessary, especially considering he never commented on the actual audio quality of the THX Hi-Res audio dongle, which I left a comment on his video pointing it out.
    • Camera Quality from the camera, he's about right. Multiple reviewers stated that, and at this point, it's a necessary feature. They also stated the quality and the overall software experience is mediocre. Your camera experience vs when you were a child, actually makes the point that he was making, at this point shouldn't be an excuse, it should be better.
      • This is part of the reason the Essential phone failed. The Nextbit Robin had the same issues that caused struggling sales too.
    The battery life is definitely a plus, which reviews have been mixed about that.

    I don't think he's wrong for those points he made above that I bulleted because if you're paying the price, you want your monies worth. Though the Razer phone is priced very well and affordable considering. But when you start to rate the quality of those features comparatively, that's when the criticism is warranted, constructive or other.
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  7. CeladonBluetech852

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    omg i hope my savings can handle more xD
  8. Joikansai

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    I think it’s hard to get both better, gamers want better gaming experience and Razer decided to go with higher refresh rate screen than brighter screen that could even kill more battery, it’s also might be the reason they go to IGZO. Like on Blade, IGZO is nice under shadow but bad under direct sunlight, that’s why they offer LG non touch matt screen on Blade 14 beside IGZO touchscreen (until late 2016). it’s nice to have 120hz for gaming (even there’s still not a lot games that support it) imo because until now there’s no IGZO Display over 60Hz so far I know, it could be a new innovation for next mobile device like laptops. I have switch and PS Vita, I think under sunlight those both are also difficult to see. iPhone screen is great under it though, but it’s not phone for gamers;)
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  9. ellectriknight

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    True. I think they did have to make a choice, better for gaming experience and get better battery life, or more outdoor visibility, with lessor battery life.

    My only crutch is, some are saying because of the Ultramotion technology, regardless of refresh rate, it puts a lot of strain on the battery to process the variability. However, it's hard to tell if that's true because of mixed results reported.

    I would like better outdoor visibility, but then again, since I've dealt with not having it for so long, maybe it's not a big deal.
  10. Vactro

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    When the Razer Phone will be available ? I don't see any date, I'm so impatient to have it :D
  11. Rox598

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    Getting concerned over the screen brightness stuff if i'm honest
  12. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I don't know. The review that I saw, the guy was trying to use it directly in the sun. What does he expect? Perfection? I don't know of any screen that works 100 percent perfect in direct sunlight. Of course, I'm an old foogy so what do I know?

    Not for nothing, but I think he was deliberating looking for stuff to nitpick over. He wanted to make certain a company in Cupertino California got their money's worth.
  13. Rox598

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    it's more than 1 reviewer talking about the screen being dim at max brightness, reviews are there to nitpick and for what it's worth I usually don't listen to reviewers unless most of them say the same thing as reviews will always have a personal flair to them no matter what.

    Gonna call back into the Three store take a proper look at the screen not just a pass by see what I can see from it.
  14. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I hope some one posts some more reviews soon. I want to see what the "experts" have to say.
  15. SeaGreenventureradio833

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    I am worried also.

    I currently have a Galaxy S8 and it is amazing in the sun (even absolute direct sunlight) - literally can see everything without a problem at all.

    Is there a spec i can compare on gsm arena which will give me an idea of how bright the RP is compared to my current S8?

    i have just compared - and it seems that the sunlight test is nearly half that of my S8 - will have to test it myself when i get it, and if it is not good enough sell it....

    will probably get more than i paid for it the way things are going as i will have the LE one

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  16. Hucast

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    Now that's a fair review right there, he takes some tiny shots at it to keep it real. It is a bigger phone, no doubt about that. But in its defense it IS a gaming phone. He recognizes the fact that is is clearly not meant to have a universal appeal. Me personally, I think it will anyway. Makes some fair comments on the weight. All that tech has got to go somewhere though. So I give it a pass on that.

    Right there. He gets that Razer doesn't follow the norm. And since Razer is about "For Gamers, by Gamers" it stands to reason a Razer phone would be above the norm.

    That's fair right there. Little nitpicky, but not to bad. Nothing a Rugged Razer Phone Rugged Hard Case wouldn't solve. Me personally I prefer the word version.

    Recognizes the fact that Razer follows their own vision and sticks to it.

    Actually this guy is really fair. A little long winded, but he makes a lot of valid points and levels some honest critique. Nothing that future updates can't fix. He even offers some other alternatives at the end, which to me demonstrates honesty. Ya, whoever wrote this review has a good head on their shoulders and I would definitely buy from their recommendation.
  17. .Surf.

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    It's almost like you have an almighty gadget, no need for a tv or an audio system or even a pc or laptop. You have all the same in this beauty, just need some electric power and a external charger and there you are surviving in the middle of nowhere lol.
  18. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Maybe Razer can release a travel kit or something. Or one of those back packs with a power pack.
  19. kajira

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    Maybe .... or just buy their Power Bank and put it in whatever backpack you're using at the time. hehehe
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  20. SeaGreenventureradio833

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    Had 2 power banks from Razer, first only charged my stealth by 25%.. with the stealth off. Got an RMA, received new one last week, doesnt actually work at all. Waiting for RMA to return it. Talk about bad luck!