Razer Raiju TE Firmware Update issues on Mac with Virtual PCs

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by meleehero, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. meleehero

    meleehero New Member

    Hello all,

    This is half question / half heads up.

    Heads Up

    The input lag on the Raiju TE is reportedly resolved with the beta version of a firmware update, applied using the firmware update software that is only currently available on PC.

    As a Mac user (the TE is for my PS4) I have attempted to update the firmware using virtual Windows 10 PCs (Virtualbox and Parallels) and when the controller is put by the software into bootloader mode, it disconnects from USB bus and cannot be connected to, regardless of tooling around with the VM USB settings exhaustively, rendering the controller bricked and a significant portion of my time utterly wasted.

    To resolve the bricking issue, it's possible to paperclip the reset button and it's back to normal, but this means, as far as I can tell, for Mac or PS4 users who have no access to a PC - you're 100% SOL.


    Has anyone, using a Mac and PC VM had any luck with this? If so, how?
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  2. NicoKajba

    NicoKajba New Member

    Same problem here , got Parralles with windows 10 and it doesnt regognice the controller .

    it doenst want to get on . what can i do ? does reset help to bring it back to default mode ?
    that i can play with drift issue untiill i find a windows pc or does this not help me
  3. meleehero

    meleehero New Member

    Yep, resetting it with a paperclip or something brings it back to life until there is a way for us to update it.
  4. NicoKajba

    NicoKajba New Member

    Thank you i got it back now i need the 1.02 patch and a windows pc :D hope it will work
  5. EnautGB

    EnautGB New Member

    There is a program called Winebottler that is supposed to allow you to run Windows programs directly on Mac.
    I do not have any Razer control, but I'm thinking of buying the Ultimate, but this problem of the firmware update stops me, because I only have a Mac laptop.
    I hope this helps.
  6. meleehero

    meleehero New Member

    Thanks for this. I gave up after using two completely separate PC VMs and suffering the same USB disconnect issue. I'm fairly certain it'll happen with Wine, too.
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