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Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by mrichards, Jun 16, 2016.

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  1. Got my ripsaw in the mail today and I am having the hardest time getting it to work with obs. Obs keeps telling me the signal is out of range and no matter what I try it never connects for more than a millisecond. The video on my second monitor that receives from the ripsaw has green specs all over due to some issue with the input from the ripsaw. I have tried a bunch of different resolution settings in obs and changed them to 720 etc and I cannot figure out what it needs me to do.

    Im just trying to bring my video to my pc/obs so i can stream with pass through.

    I also use Obs studio, would it help if I swapped to the original?

    Ok so i changed the actual ps4 settings to 720 and that fixed the grainy green screen on the pass through but no matter what combination i use with ripsaw settings and obs reg or studio settings whether it is scene or overall settings i always get signal out of range.

    Ok, so after troubleshooting with no real answers anywhere I found the solution. I noticed that when i set my obs to a particular setting I got a notice that mentioned something called HDCP in a window that would dispensary almost instantly. So i googled whatever HDCP was and saw that ps4's and other gaming consoles have settings for this in their systems that no normal person would think to mess with. So i toggled HDCP off and instantly everything worked. I searched for literal hours and never saw anything about this on any site.

    TLDR if you cant get the "singal out of range" error to go away and are trying to stream from a console, turn your HDCP setting off. In ps4 its under settings>system

    I am not sure what all that HDCP effects but I can at least see my console in OBS now.
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