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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. Dimscene

    Dimscene Active Member

    Looks like the waves are really the beta-ers! JK, I dont think the material is going to be worked on if they havent fixed it since the beta and they did spend time making sure it was not going to cause skin problems. Its really sad to see how damaged everyone's units are though.
    If there was a company that made a guard that went over the outer portion of the Nabu based on the 4 sizes between the 2 sizes, they would probably make bank because everyone would need it, haha!
  2. Dimscene

    Dimscene Active Member

    ^Ouch. And dude I just wanted to see a bigger version of your picture then BOOOOM. I don't have a 4K monitor.
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  3. Mine is looking similar, but not quite as bad as yours. Still looks like edge of desk damage.
  4. Neight

    Neight New Member

    I actually take it off most of the time when I'm at my computer because it rests weird on my desk and I didn't want it to end up like it is. :confused:
  5. Dimscene

    Dimscene Active Member

    To be honest, your wrist should be off the desk as you are typing.
  6. dehrk

    dehrk New Member

    We got ours the same day, so it's kind of discouraging that my screen is so banged up already.

    I'm really careful with all my tech. My iPhone 5 looked nearly pristine after two years when I traded it in. My laptop (aside from being a bit dirty) looks nearly brand new despite being older than that.

    I'm really careful with all my things (almost to the point of being obnoxious if you ask my spouse), and I've taken my Nabu off to shower, do dishes, carry things to the attic, and so on, and so on... The only thing that I can think of that could have conceivably made those marks would be it hitting on my desk at work, and even that is doubtful.

  7. Roggie2499

    Roggie2499 Member

    They would be off the desk. Then when you move your hands up (grabbing a mouse, hitting the F1-12 row of keys), it would make sense for the Nabu to hit the edge of the desk.
  8. ElstenWeiss

    ElstenWeiss Active Member

    I had stopped wearing watches for about 10 years ... when I finally started wearing them again last year, I thought exactly the same thing and got a ton of scratches on the metal band. It wasn't until I put a sticky note on my monitor that said "check your wrist" and kept looking that I realized I had been rubbing it against the desk; after you initially put your wrist down, watches/bands/etc. do slide as you move/type. Unfortunately, I ended up damaging a couple bands before I got used to adjusting for it.

    If you wear it on your dominant hand, it's surprising how much contact you can experience with it too. Wear a string lightly around your dominant wrist and see how much it catches on desk corners, door frames, even your pants when you stick your hand into the pocket. All these can potentially damage wrist-tech as well.

    While I'm still waiting for the chance to order a Nabu for myself (non-US here) , I think I'd end up wearing it screen-up if at all possible once I get one. If for no other reason than that I don't trust myself to not damage the screen if it was face down.
  9. Shadowfex

    Shadowfex New Member

    So I know this may seem like a stupid question, but why are you wearing it while playing your comp in the first place? I don't think Razer seriously consider this, because it's not something worth considering. I've been playing computer games since SC Vanilla, and I could never play with a watch. It's uncomfortable and hurts your wrist. It doesn't matter what kind of watch or smart watch you buy, if you wear it while playing your comp, its going to get gashes and scratches.

    Do the smart thing and take it off while playing.
  10. Thanks
  11. sleekBeaverbyte112

    sleekBeaverbyte112 Active Member

    Just wanted to update: Since midnight, my Nabu Fitness app appears to be syncing data normally and in tune with what my Nabu is actually showing me again. Whatever weird bug was happening for the past couple of days seems to have evened itself out for now. Hopefully it won't happen again!
  12. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Our guys working on the Nabu are watching these issues closely - they will reach out if necessary to sort them out.
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  13. redchipsss

    redchipsss Member

    well damn. I was hoping they'd use a durable material on the under-side of the Nabu. It's gonna get beaten up since the wrist is gets more surface contact than most parts of the arms
  14. TigerStripedDragon

    TigerStripedDragon Active Member

    If I'm going to get the Nabu it's going to be as a replacement to my watch, and I never take my watch off when I'm doing anything. I'm wearing a very cheap digital Casio sports watch by the way and I've had it for the better part of the year, it's still in very good condition despite me handling it roughly.

    As for the Nabu, it's supposed to be a fitness band, I expect it to at least be able to take a beating but if it's gonna fall apart just from desk use then I would be very disappointed too. Especially since according to the Nabu's FAQ it's made of durable rubber and the screen is scratch proof.

    I haven't yet ordered a Nabu (waiting for pre-orders outside the US), but if it's gonna look like that after 1 week of use then I'm gonna wait and consider other options.
  15. KillerHawk

    KillerHawk Member

    My fitness data seems to have ironed itself also...except for sleep, it still separates by day not by sleep "occurrence"...so for today it only tracked from midnight on and yesterday had from before midnight until midnight.
  16. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    Since my problem did not happen tonight after I changed to the large clasp, I am about 95% sure that this is an issue regarding the small clasp that interferes with the Nabu.

    Nevermind, I just hadn't cleared my notifications, so it showed all it recieved while I was asleep and before it un-synced... This is so bothersome.
  17. which one is the driver for deathadder chroma on mac ? .. i just want to make sure it is correct. recently bought another new chroma deathadder , doubleclikcing issues when i just bought it
  18. KillerHawk

    KillerHawk Member

    That's an excellent question...can you wear this with screen side up?

    Also, I took some super clear, low adhesive tape made my own screen protector...not scotch tape but more of a "plastic" type tape.
  19. I´m curious how Razer will handle this issue. Since I´m from Europe I didn´t have a chance to get one yet, but considering the fact that the build quality -obviously- isn´t that good I´m definitely gonna reconsider buying one in the near future.
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  20. cesar_razer

    cesar_razer Member

    I've worn mine since Tuesday (except showers) and the screen looks new. Then again, I guess I don't wrestle alligators like @kajira or @dehrk. I do wear a survival bracket on that same wrist (keeps my loose fitting nabu from falling to wrist/hand pivot area, plus protects from bumping and handwashing splashes).

    I like @Bearhawk 's scotch tape screen protector idea. I might do that until (if at all) a screen protector is manufactured.
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